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Field Service Management for Construction Companies

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Construction companies must ensure worker productivity and equipment quality remain of the highest standard. While global productivity growth in the construction industry stands at 2.8%, most companies are still struggling to make it 1% per annum.

Because a significant portion of construction services occur in the field, every construction firm must manage its fleet and workers remotely. Field service managers have a lot of work on their plates, and ensuring workers out in the field offer their best to every project should be the least of their worries. Reliable field management software can help construction companies prevent cost overruns and enhance customer satisfaction.

In this article, we look at some benefits of field management software for construction companies. Keep reading to find out why your fleet construction company needs reliable FSM software from Azuga.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Field Service Management Software 

1. Receive Real-Time Updates from the Field 

When you have workers out in the field, it's important to keep tabs on progress. That means you need efficient field service management software that will keep your customer care agents and workers in the field connected throughout the project life.

With reliable field service management software, you can track field technicians’ arrival and break times, and learn how many workers report onsite during different shifts. This makes it easy to keep all your employees and contractors accountable.

2. Reduced Paperwork 

Field technicians have to keep an array of records when working on a project. Filling out documents on-site is time-consuming and prone to error. FSM software is a must-have for any construction company that wants to ensure efficiency in record keeping.

With reliable field service management software, you make record keeping a walk in the park for your staff and management team. You can be confident in your data, improving your analytics and decision-making process.

Field service management software is cloud-based, so management and field employees can access important information from anywhere at any time. Reliable FSM software replaces clipboards with mobile applications, making data collection and storage hassle-free for workers out in the field.

3. On-Time and Remote Scheduling 

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and scheduling and dispatching features make field service management software a must-have. If your construction company does not maintain a tight, strategic schedule, it becomes difficult to hit project deadlines, reduce cost overruns, and satisfy customers. 

Construction projects are rife with change orders due to a variety of factors, including inclement weather, shift changes, and other issues. Cloud-based field service management software can help ensure workers are up to date with any changes in their work schedule, reducing miscommunication and ensuring the right employees are in the right place every day. 

4. Improved Flexibility 

Field service management software guarantees construction company flexibility. It comes with a sophisticated technology that enables integration with advanced computer systems.  

You can link the software to campaign management tools, CRM, and accounting software. When you integrate FSM software to accounting software, you can ensure quick invoicing to your customers. FSM software also reduces paperwork when it comes to preparing invoices.  

5. Reliable Equipment Service Data

Maintaining an up to date record of fleet and asset maintenance is necessary to ensure continuity in projects. It is easier for a construction company with reliable FSM software to update essential data about equipment status and availability. 

Combined with a GPS tracker, FMS software ensures field technicians get all the information they need, including equipment service history, uses, and location. This saves time because it's easy to plan for fleet maintenance and reduce downtime brought by the equipment breakdown.

Having the right information at hand helps field technicians with quick decision-making. Field technicians can avoid guesswork and ensure customer projects are accomplished on time.

Final Thoughts

Construction companies should opt for cloud-based FSM software with a simple dashboard that’s mobile-friendly and easy-to-use.

FSM software from Azuga can help your construction company enhance on-site performance, improve customer experience, and streamline administrative tasks. Try Azuga today and see the difference it makes in your daily operations.