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Features You Need to Look for When Choosing Fleet Management Solutions

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Managing a fleet can be incredibly challenging. Every day, new obstacles arise. With challenges come opportunities to improve your business. Fleet management solutions not only help you fix those problems but also help you manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Choosing field service management software with features that address your needs is key to getting the most out of your investment. There are a wide variety of field service management solutions available on the market today, and they all offer different advantages that will enhance different kinds of fleet-based businesses. 

Choosing a solution with up-to-date technology to address your specific needs can make your business run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. So, what specific features should you be looking out for in fleet management solutions?

1. Real-Time GPS Tracking

Having real-time GPS tracking is a necessity when choosing fleet management software today. It provides more than just the ability to locate drivers. Using GPS tracking, you’re able to determine optimal route planning and the most efficient dispatch options for your drivers. 

Route and dispatch optimization not only reduces downtime but also allows you to save on fuel costs and labor hours, all while increasing customer satisfaction when you arrive at your destination on time. GPS tracking also provides data that can monitor driver performance behind the wheel. Using this data can also improve driver safety, resulting in fewer accidents, citations, and lower insurance costs. Improving your operational efficiency reduces paperwork and redundant entries.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Offering exceptional customer service can be the difference between business growth and failure. Today’s fleet management solutions can provide tools to help manage your customer relationships. They can help keep track of your customers over the long run. Technicians and specialists can provide data about customer preferences, previous jobs done, specialty equipment needed, or even specific items the customer has requested. 

The next time a technician goes out to the customer, that information can be reviewed, and no matter how long it has been, the information is available to your technician for immediate use. This gives the customer a sense of importance and lets them know you value their business. 

3. Customized Reports

Gain valuable insight into your business with the ability to produce customized reports on the metrics most important to you. When evaluating fleet management solutions, there is no longer the need to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Data is being collected across the spectrum of your business, so choosing a program that supports customized reporting will offer you the most bang for your buck. Keep track of field service reports, job completion, and invoice payment — or whatever data is most important to YOU!

4. Simple Payment Processing

Being able to take payments simply and securely is a feature that is necessary when evaluating your fleet management solutions options. With the progression of technology, you no longer have to work between two different systems to invoice and take payments. Integrating these features improves efficiency and timely billing. 

Being able to take payment over the phone, in person, or even online makes the process easier and more convenient. You’ll also be able to capture insights into your business with analytics produced by information from your payment processing system, allowing you to have a better overview of your accounts payable and receivable.

5. Accounting Software Integration

Seamless integration between payment processing and accounting is a fantastic feature available in today’s fleet management solutions. Having direct communication between the two systems reduces double entries and potential errors — and saves you time. Being able to update customer information in two systems with one entry is an advancement in the technology that you need to look for in any fleet management solution you are considering. 

6. Electronic Logging Device

There’s no way around it; your company must comply with regulations. Having fleet management software that is compliant with regulations and that meets your fleet’s needs is a must-have when reviewing the features of your fleet management solutions.

You must ensure that all electronic logging devices (ELDs) are compliant with the FMCSA eLog mandate to avoid penalties or fines. Having an ELD that is accurate and easy to use is a win-win for your company and employees.

Fleet management solutions provide a variety of tools that can help you bring efficiency, productivity, and profitability to your fleet. Azuga fleet management software brings affordability, ease of use, and mobility together with its technical features to add value and reduce costs for your business. Azuga’s cloud-based solutions integrate every part of your fleet based business and give you the edge in a competitive industry.