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Enterprise Fleet Management That Adapts to Your Business Needs

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If you’re an enterprise business looking to manage your business needs better, look no further than Azuga. Azuga’s fleet management software is perfect for large and small businesses. It’s also ideal for scaling your business no matter where you want to go. Enterprise fleet management is particularly challenging because there are so many employees, vehicles, and assets to track. Luckily, Azuga’s fleet management software offers various features to help you manage everything on your plate as a manager. What are these features? We will break them down below. 

Dispatch with Ease

Dispatching is the most instrumental part of a fleet manager’s job, especially for an enterprise fleet with so many vehicles. Making dispatching easier should be any fleet manager’s goal, and Azuga has just the tools to do that. With Azuga’s fleet management software, you can streamline the dispatching process into an easy task. All of the information that you need is all in one place. You can view what jobs are available and assign them to crews and technicians in the field, even specifying lead technicians if needed. You can ensure the correct equipment gets to the right sites in the same way. 

While technicians are on the job working, you can monitor what your workers are up to and update the work orders to one-time, recurring, and multi-day, all from the field management screen. When technicians finish, they can update you simply by clicking a button on their phones. There's no more need for constant check-in calls to find out what’s going on. Then, they can move right on to the next job they see on their phones. 

Take Advantage of Route Optimization 

Route optimization is one of the best features available to a large fleet. You can probably guess what it does from the name. It uses machine learning and algorithms to get you the most fuel-efficient and quickest route from Point A to Point B. There are so many benefits to route optimization. Naturally, it improves customer service by getting technicians where they need to be faster. It also helps you scale your business effectively. It helps you put more vehicles on the road at once. And, of course, route optimization enables you to save money when it comes to fuel. It’s a handy tool that every fleet should have, especially enterprise fleets. 

Keep Vehicles Maintained

Vehicle maintenance is instrumental for enterprise fleets for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it keeps drivers safe. Vehicles malfunctioning on the road can lead to accidents, which fleets and drivers want to avoid. 

However, there are a lot of other problems that a lack of maintenance can cause. If a vehicle breaks down, it hurts a business’s productivity significantly while waiting on that vehicle to be repaired. Not to mention, repairing significant problems is far more expensive than fixing minor issues as they come up, which prevents them from growing into larger problems

Azuga’s fleet management software comes with maintenance alerts that tell you when a vehicle has issues that need attention before they cause issues for your fleet. Furthermore, it reminds you when your vehicles are up for routine maintenance, so you can ensure your vehicles are in tip-top shape on the road. Vehicle maintenance should be a top priority for any fleet, and Azuga’s software helps you hold vehicle maintenance at the utmost importance. 

Manage Finances Effectively

Azuga Works is a part of Azuga’s fleet management software that allows you to create and manage estimates and invoices. Everything you need regarding your business’s finances is available at the click of a button. This makes it easier for customers to understand their payments and improves your business’s customer service reputation. Customers appreciate it when they understand costs upfront. 

There is also a benefit directly for the business in the form of informative, actionable financial reports. Because Azuga Works can process payments, it can track financial data and create up-to-date, accurate reports regarding your business’s earnings and income. This helps you make any important business decisions. These features are beneficial for an enterprise fleet that has hundreds of transactions happening on a given day.  

Get Started With Azuga Today!

If you’re ready to start optimizing and growing your enterprise business, it may be time to look into everything Azuga has to offer. Try a demo to see the advantages for yourself, and be pleasantly surprised! Azuga has helped thousands of fleets all over the world, and we’re ready to help yours.