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Driving Safety Tips: Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Safety on the Road During Fall

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Winter may be top of mind for seasons with driving hazards. But before that, fleet drivers have to deal with the fall, with its unique dangers. To help keep drivers safe this fall, we’ve compiled a guide covering driving safety tips specific to the season. But first, let’s look at what makes fall a dangerous time of year to be on the road in the first place.

Why Driving in Fall Is Different — and Challenging

Fall is a notably rainy and foggy season. While this can cause concerns from a visibility standpoint, it also means drivers are on slicker roads. Wetter roads put drivers at greater risk of losing control and hydroplaning.

As rain comes down, wet leaves can also land on the road. The leaves can make the road even more slippery and further reduce a vehicle’s traction. The inevitable need to brake or change lanes can be a safety concern for drivers with less vehicle control.

Then, there’s also the fact that days become shorter in the fall. With night falling earlier, drivers have less visibility than they otherwise would in the evening hours. Darkness makes it harder for drivers to see slippery road conditions.

Comprehensive List of Driving Tips for Fall

While it’s true that fall is hazardous for drivers, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to stay safe. Here are a handful of driving safety tips to avoid accidents.

Proper Car Maintenance for Autumn

Cooler temperatures can cause the pressure in tires to decrease. You’ll want to maintain a vehicle’s tire pressure throughout the fall and ensure that tires are in generally good condition to enable proper traction and handling. We also recommend brake inspections for the same purpose.

Navigating Slippery, Leaf-Covered Roads

When roads are slippery, reduce your speed to maintain traction. If you need to brake, do so in a gentle manner. Braking too hard can cause the vehicle’s wheels to lock up, leading to an uncontrollable skid.

Driving in Rain and Fog

Alongside adjusting your speed, keep your distance between the vehicle in front of you in the rain and fog. Amid reduced visibility, you’ll have the extra time to brake safely. Also, keep your headlights and taillights on so your vehicle is visible to other drivers.

Fall Night Driving Tips

Proper lighting is critical to safe nighttime driving in the fall. Confirm that all your vehicle’s lights are in good working order and cleaned to deliver maximum brightness. Set your headlights to a low-beam mode, so you’re not causing glare for other drivers.

Fleet Driver Safety in Fall

Distractions on the road always pose a risk to fleet driver safety. Considering the season’s slippery roads and limited visibility, it’s a critical fall safety topic. Limiting cell phone use on the road is one small measure that can minimize significant risks.

Fall Safety Beyond Driving

We’ve talked a lot about fall safety in terms of driving. But it’s also worthwhile to touch on other ways to keep your home and yourself safe all season.

The same leaves that cover roads can also collect in your home’s gutters. If these gutters become clogged, they can cause rainwater to spill out over the side of your home and cause damage. Regularly cleaning your gutters avoids this costly scenario.

As with vehicles, lighting should also be a fall safety priority for your home. Well-lit outdoor areas are safer to navigate, deter intruders, and enhance protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Safety Tips in Fall

What are some strategies to improve fleet driver safety?

One way to improve fleet driver safety is with a comprehensive driver training program that encourages safe driving behaviors. Other strategies include enforcing strict policies around distracted driving and prioritizing vehicle maintenance.

What are the key elements of an effective fall safety program?

A fall safety program should include the following: 

  • Delivering ongoing training to workers.
  • Performing regular risk assessments.
  • Investing in the right equipment. 

Enforcing adherence to the program is just as important as the program itself.

Make Safety on the Road a Year-round Priority

Fall is one of those seasons where drivers need to exercise extra caution on the road. Proper vehicle maintenance and good driving behaviors can help fleet drivers stay safe all season. With Azuga fleet tracking software, fleet operators can monitor driver behaviors to ensure they align with the driving safety tips highlighted above. Schedule a demo to learn more.