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5 Wellness Tips for Drivers for National Wellness Month

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August is national wellness month. Trucking is a difficult job, and now is a good time for drivers to evaluate their wellness practices. It’s important to never let mental or physical health fall by the wayside. This article will discuss five tips to help you maintain your overall wellness, even on the road. 

No. 1: Always Get Enough Sleep

One of the reasons trucking is such a hard job is inconsistent schedules with extended hours. Scheduling like this can make it challenging for drivers to get consistent rest. However, getting enough sleep is crucial to promoting your overall wellness and ensuring your safety on the road. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Always get at least 7 hours of sleep before hitting the road. 

No. 2: Get Exercise Regularly

Of course, it’s not always possible to hit a gym while you’re on the road. However, exercise is just as important for professional drivers as for everyone else. Consider quick workouts like push-ups or squats that you can do on your breaks. 

Regular exercise has many benefits for drivers: 

  1. It keeps your body fit despite long hours spent sitting in the vehicle. 
  2. It keeps you alert and focused by giving you an energy boost. 
  3. You maintain your overall health and reduce the risk of many common health issues. 

No. 3: Take Breaks

Many drivers try to forgo breaks to make their deliveries faster. However, breaks are essential to maintaining your mental and physical well-being. Taking a break will help you destress and clear your mind, preventing you from becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. You can exercise, take a 10-20 minute power nap, or simply sit back and relax during these breaks. These uses of your time will help maintain your energy and positivity on the road. 

No. 4: Focus on Nutrition

Nutrition is something else that often gets off-track for drivers. Drivers often don’t have access to a full kitchen or fresh ingredients, and a healthy diet can be a challenge while on the road. However, nutrition is a fundamental part of driver health that must be prioritized. There are many healthy snacks, such as nuts, yogurt, and fruit, can be taken on the road. Pre-sliced lunch meat can provide an excellent source of protein. Focus on getting vitamins and protein into your diet– it immensely impacts your overall health. 

No. 5: Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Trucking can be a lonely job. Many people struggle with the profession for this reason alone. Loneliness is not a trivial issue — it significantly impacts your mental health. Contact your loved ones at every opportunity. Spending time with them, even over the phone, can have psychological and physical benefits. Loneliness can raise stress levels, leading to heart problems and inflammation. Maintaining positive relationships is another way to improve your wellness.

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