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5 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software for Technicians

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Field service management is one of the most challenging tasks for most managers. It is not easy for field managers to use paper-based FSM to maximize workforce productivity. Any business that offers field services must have dedicated field service management software to manage its workforce, equipment, and other resources out in the field.

In general, field service management involves scheduling work, tracking labor hours, dispatching tasks to field technicians, and, most importantly, invoicing customers for completed projects. A company that chooses to adopt the best field service management software from Azuga can make all of these activities easy for the management team. 

In this article, we will look at some more benefits of using reliable FSM software for technicians. Keep reading to find out why your business should adopt efficient FSM software to improve work productivity and reduce cost overruns in the shortest time possible.

1. Increased Productivity 

Work productivity is a significant factor that most managers want to consider when working on business goals. When it comes to improving field service technicians' productivity, providing them with mobile phones and training them to have the right skills may not be enough. You still need to help them save time while out in the field with dedicated FSM software. 

According to the latest study by Forrester Research, it's been established that six out of every ten employees in an organization have a smartphone. However, only one of them uses a customized application that can improve productivity while at work.

Field service management software comes with a simple dashboard that you can use to track field technicians out in the field in real-time. You can also use the software to collect customer data on time and eliminate the need for technicians to visit business premises to collect documents, given most of the FSM software's geolocation and GPS tracking features. This way, field technicians can save a lot of time and improve their productivity when working on projects with strict deadlines. 

With efficient FSM software, technicians can receive work dispatches directly on their phones. They can also mark work orders as complete, and both the customer and management team will get a notification once the job is complete. 

2. Streamlined Information Flow 

Reliable FSM software can streamline information flow from customers and field technicians for more efficient management. This is a positive, since every company that offers field service is always looking forward to improving customer service to hit a bottom line. In addition to that, every business employing field technicians must have FSM software to streamline information sharing across different company departments. 

For instance, a single phone call can turn into a service request when a contact center’s data is shared with field technicians. The workers out in the field get the notification right in their phones and tablets for immediate action. Going forward, they can make the right consultations and execute the tasks as instructed by the management team. 

FSM software also ensures you have a digital platform to interact with your customers in real-time. You can send your customers real-time notifications on their project progress and complete invoices on time. Lastly, you can keep customers posted on the technicians' arrival time and work progress. 

3. Reduced Cost of Production

The main objective of a business is always to realize ROI or achieve a certain bottom line. A business must reduce the cost of production while ensuring maximum labor productivity to increase profits. A business can save a lot of money by integrating cloud-based FSM software into their management field technicians. 

Field services management software can easily predict the right products to dispatch in the field, the right route technicians should use when traveling to customers, and the right team to assign a task based on their expertise. This way, a business reduces production costs while ensuring that customers get the best results in every project they complete. 

The latest field service management software from Azuga is all that your business needs to enhance customer experience and grow profits without compromising project quality. The cloud-based FSM software incorporates artificial intelligence and IoT to improve service delivery. You need this software if you plan to take your business to the next level by enhancing customer experience and optimizing productivity.

4. Improved Customer Experience 

If you are regularly getting complaints from customers on your team's service quality, you need to transition to FSM software. When you manually track your fleet, equipment, and workers, you are bound to get more customer complaints. During peak seasons, customers are always at your neck to find out how much progress your team has made with their projects. 

With FSM software, you can automate tasks to your best technicians and reduce complaints from customers. You can find the most experienced and available technicians to work on a project right from your phone and assign them tasks even when you are away from your office. This way, you improve customer experience by reducing complaints and ensuring all projects are delivered on time.

5. Accuracy in Data Collection and Recording 

Field technicians keep a lot of data while in the field. When recording information on paper documents, technicians are bound to make mistakes that can cost your business, since such information is useful in decision-making. With FSM software from Azuga, your staff can maintain a paperless record of data, service proof, and log hours, free of error and dishonesty.  

You can also use FSM software to keep your inventory up to date by tracking your inventory in the supply chain. You can record changes in your supply when field service technicians take items from stock, and when you acquire new stock from the supply house. With a proper inventory and planned work, you can load everything a technician needs onto the truck at once and reduce the number of visits they need to make to the warehouse for additional equipment.

If you look forward to taking your business to the next level by ensuring your field technicians are up to every task, all you need is dedicated FSM software from Azuga. Field service technicians can benefit a lot from FSM software. One of the major benefits of the software is that it relieves technicians of the burden of management. This way, technicians can focus on what they are good at, which is ensuring customer projects are completed on time.