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Boost Technician Productivity with Azuga Works

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One of a fleet manager’s biggest challenges is finding ways to boost the productivity of their fleet. There are many ways to do this using modern technology, and Azuga Works is one of the top solutions to help you create an efficient and productive fleet. Azuga Works offers many features that boost employee productivity, and we will break those down so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth investing in the best for your company. Find out what makes Azuga Works so great in this article. 

Streamline the Dispatching Process

The dispatching process can be complicated if everyone isn’t in proper communication with one another. Azuga Works can make the dispatching process so much easier with a variety of features. Let’s go over each of these features. 

  • Assign and Manage Jobs: You no longer need to reach out to your technicians every time you have a job for them. All you have to do is enter it into Azuga Works, and your technicians will get an update on their mobile apps. Phone calls and texts leave room for miscommunication, but viewing everything on the app makes it easy to access all the information everyone needs. 
  • Schedule with Ease: You have many employees to juggle. Make managing schedules easy with Azuga Works. You can prioritize urgent jobs and assign technicians based on their skills and availability to ensure you have the right man on the job. Make sure you are utilizing all of your technicians to the best of their abilities. 
  • Monitor Jobs: While your technicians are on the job, you don’t need to be left in the dark. You can track what they’re doing depending on if the job is one-time, recurring, or multi-day, and view updates they may post in Azuga Works at any time. If you need to update anything along the way, you can do so with just the click of a button. 
  • Optimize Routes: You want your technicians to get to their job sites as quickly and efficiently as possible. It saves your customers and technicians time and saves you money on fuel. With route optimization, algorithms and machine learning find the most efficient route for you, so you can rest easy knowing that your technicians will get where they need to be on time. 

Give Technicians the Information They Need

Technicians shouldn’t have to check in with you every time they need a simple question answered. It inconveniences them and wastes your time as well. With Azuga Works, technicians can access all of the information they need from their smart devices. They can view schedules and job information and even mark work orders complete once they finish a job. They can give you the information you need as soon as it's available, and you don’t need to call in and check for it. Phone tag is one of the most frustrating aspects of communication, so ensure information isn’t lost with Azuga Works. 

Track Technicians in Real-Time

If you’re not tracking your fleet with GPS, you’re missing out on its many advantages. The peace of mind of checking on your fleet at any time and knowing exactly where they are cannot be replaced by anything else. What other specific advantages does fleet tracking offer? There’s too many to count, but we will outline a few: 

  • Keep Fleets Productive: Fleet tracking doesn’t only track location but also vehicle information such as when they start and stop, when the ignition is turned on, and even vehicle health information. If a vehicle has been off for a while, you can check on the driver to ensure everything is still going according to plan. Workers who know they are being monitored are more likely to stay on track, ensuring that your fleet is always at maximum efficiency. 
  • Assign Crew and Assets Effectively: Keep track of what your people are doing and how your assets are used. As mentioned, you can see when vehicles sit idle for an extended period. With this information, you can reassign technicians or vehicles to a time when they will be more useful. 
  • Reduce Fuel Use: Tracking idling is one way that fleet tracking lends itself to saving on fuel costs. Idling vehicles waste an immense amount of fuel, so it is crucial to cut down on this behavior, and it’s only possible with real-time fleet tracking


Azuga Works offers even more features than these, so the question remains, what reason is there to deny your business these advantages? Find out what Azuga can do for you by taking Azuga Works for a test drive today.