How AI Will Transform Field Service Management

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It has long been true that modern approaches to management, in general, have been good for field service management. Moving from paper-based and other legacy methods for tracking fleets and personnel is one of the most recent and most major ways field service management has changed for the better. But that was just the first in a long line of technological advances in this arena. 

With GPS, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), field service management (FSM) is currently in the midst of massive change. This migration moves us toward a more advanced — and more sound — way of tracking and monitoring everything in the field. From equipment to operators, fleet vehicles to customers and jobs, FSM is beginning to harness the power of AI in some significant ways.

Let's take a closer look at how AI will simplify FSM tasks, lower costs, streamline efficiency, and revolutionize customer service for field service management operations.

Predictive Maintenance Means Lowered FSM Costs 

One of the simplest ways AI is helping in the world of FSM is by offering predictive analysis on when vehicles will need maintenance. AI is more accurate than any existing system we have for predicting when vehicles will need to have their oil changed, need their tires rotated, or need more in-depth service. It is now the best way to prepare for the future needs of your fleet. 

AI can also predict when your vehicles will need to be serviced, and it can run estimates on exactly how much this will cost. This allows you to operate even more efficiently than you would have without AI in place.

A Huge Jump in Overall Efficiency for Your FSM Operations 

Legacy and manual systems for keeping up with the needs of your fleet leave a lot of room for error. On the other hand, AI-driven technology for FSM offers far more accuracy. 

This technology can dramatically reduce room for human error in your FSM systems and software. This means you can substantially improve everything from documentation to communication and from vehicle maintenance needs to operator safety out in the field. 

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of using AI for field service management is that it offers greatly enhanced customer service for those who depend on you. This will ultimately lead you to more satisfied customers, more positive word-of-mouth growth, and more significant investment returns where customers are concerned.

AI Automates and Simplifies Your FSM Tasks 

At its core, AI for use within FSM is all about simplifying employee task management for field service managers. AI makes routine tasks easier for managers, making it the biggest thing to hit field service management since ELDs. 

You can count on AI program automation to assist you with completing simple, daily tasks. What's more, the advancements in AI for FSM mean reduced work for back-end staff as well as those out in the field every day.

AI Helps You Maintain Better Communication with Your Customers 

Advances in AI have so far meant a lot of operational and back-end changes for field service managers and even some FSM executives. But today, AI represents a huge leap forward for folks out in the field. It gives them a hand in understanding what customers want, need, and anticipate out of their field service visits from technicians. 

AI does this through chatbots and other conversational solutions in AI, which are more popular than ever before. These chatbots and similar AI systems make it possible to have simple but important conversations with customers, allowing users to get what they need efficiently. 

In this way, field technicians can know long before they arrive what to anticipate in their customers' needs. This streamlines service and leads to more satisfied customers at the end of every day.

AI Offers the Versatility and Efficiency You Need to Succeed

There are multiple great reasons to make the switch to AI as soon as you can. Greater customer satisfaction, enhanced visibility into maintenance needs, and enhanced communication across the board make AI the logical next step for your FSM business.

Azuga brings you some of the best options in AI (artificial intelligence) to meet your field service management needs. 
Through the use of Azuga’s suite of GPS tracking options, ELD options, and other field service management software and systems, you can ensure that your company’s fleet vehicles, assets, and operators are safer as you reduce your overall cost of operations.