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How Accurate Is GPS Tracking for Fleets?

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If you’ve been in the fleet business for a while, you’ve likely heard about GPS tracking. We’ve discussed it several times in articles like “A Guide to Fleet GPS Trackers,” and “How Does GPS Tracking Work?” So by now, you likely know the basics of GPS tracking. When it comes down to it, however, the most crucial thing about fleet GPS tracking is how accurate it is. After all, if your GPS tracker is showing you outdated information or shows your vehicle is somewhere it isn’t, that won't bring you any of the benefits you implemented the technology for in the first place. So, let’s explore the importance of GPS accuracy, the factors involved, and how you can ensure your fleet has the best of the best. 

Conditions Affecting GPS Accuracy

As previously discussed in this blog, GPS uses radio signal frequencies to determine a vehicle’s location. It measures the time it takes for radio signals to be received from satellites that orbit the earth. Therefore, it makes sense that you may have difficulty with GPS in areas where you do not have a clear line of sight to the sky. Some examples of these areas may include:

  • Below high buildings (such as within a city)
  • Under tree cover
  • Near land formations such as valleys and mountains
  • Inside tunnels
  • Inside parking garages

Many people think that weather can affect GPS, but this is not the case. The GPS device simply needs a clear line of sight to the sky. However, over time, GPS has evolved to develop stronger signals and supplement with cellular networks to overcome these barriers, so you can rely better on your GPS’s accuracy. 

Azuga’s GPS Solution

Azuga’s experts have been working with fleets of all shapes and sizes for years to accomplish all kinds of fleet management goals. Fleet tracking is just one of the many services we offer. Our fleet tracking device installs in as little as 20 seconds and can track not only your vehicles but your assets as well. You can hook this fleet tracking device up to a comprehensive fleet management solution covering all aspects of your fleet’s operations, from safety to finances to maintenance and beyond. 


Want to get a taste of the best GPS technology for yourself? Jump on a call with one of our experts and see what we can accomplish as partners. You can schedule a demo today!