5 Reasons Landscaping Businesses Should Outsource Fleet Services

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If you are running a landscaping business, you will be well informed of how competitive this industry could be. In most cases, landscaping companies fail to meet their client deadlines during peak seasons when facing fleet issues like breakdowns. However, with the invention of modern telematics technology and fleet tracking and management systems, it has become a walk in the park for most landscaping companies to manage their fleet.

There is a lot involved in fleet management. Every landscaping business must beware of the different fleet management options available in the current market to improve service delivery to clients. Outsourcing fleet services is one of the most useful ways to improve company efficiency and flexibility.

Here, we discuss some of the five reasons why your landscaping business should outsource fleet services to a reliable company such as Azuga.

1. Deploy Customized Vehicles

The landscaping business is not like an ordinary business. You need the right tools and fleet to get the job done. Using the right tools for the job means your landscaping business must invest in the right equipment. This may cost your business a lot of money when you are just starting the business.

Since landscaping work is mostly outdoors, it means all vehicles in your company should be well-maintained for the hard work. They should be uplifted well and equipped with the right supplies like fuel and emergency wheels for breakdowns. Your drivers should have all the supplies they need every time to reduce downtime and meet the delivery timeline. 

If you want to make your team more efficient and productive, you should, therefore, outsource your fleet services to a reputable vendor.

2. Save on Fueling and Replacement Parts  

As a landscaping business, you may lack the bargaining power when buying replacement parts for your fleet. On the contrary, fleet management companies have established a credible and reputable name in the industry, which gives them an upper hand when buying replacement parts directly from manufacturers. That said, when you outsource fleet services to these companies, you are assured quality and affordable replacement parts for your vehicles.

Additionally, when you outsource your fleet to a vendor, your drivers are issued a single fleet card for fueling and regular maintenance. This makes your drivers more efficient – they can fuel along a route and move to the nearby garage for vehicle maintenance saving on time in the case of breakdowns.

3. Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Launching a fleet safety program for your team can be a bit daunting for a landscaping business. Therefore, when you look forward to making your drivers safe and lowering personal injury cases, you should not hesitate to outsource fleet services for your business.  

Azuga offers you a unique fleet safety program for your fleet and drivers. The company puts your drivers' safety first. Before an issue occurs in the vehicle, the driver gets a notification to take the right action. It also provides regular and real-time performance updates so that you can track your vehicle. With the Azuga fleet tracking app, you can know your fleet's exact location, which gives you peace of mind.

4. Invite Experts to Your Team

The cost of setting up and running a vehicle maintenance shop can hurt your bottom line as a startup. Furthermore, it also costs a lot of money to hire qualified technicians and mechanics to manage your fleet if breakdowns or during scheduled maintenance.

When you outsource fleet services for your landscaping business, you invite some of the top mechanics to your team. Fleet service companies have modern mechanic shops with state of the art technology. They are specialized in offering fleet maintenance services, and working with them gives you peace of mind that your fleet is actually in safe hands. Take advantage of qualified personnel that outsourcing fleet services come with for your landscaping business.

Outsourcing fleet services assure you quality services for your vehicles. Your vehicles will last longer on the road, and you also reduce accidents that can cause your business some money.

5. Improve Company Flexibility

There are times when the landscaping business is in great demand, and your business may not tell when your fleet should go for maintenance. Clients will always be on your neck if you cannot deliver their projects on time. Since the next landscaping company is just a phone call away, you want to ensure you provide quality and reliable services for your clientele by remaining flexible all the time.

Outsourcing fleet services to a vendor guarantees that your fleet is always in perfect shape and right on track. The fleet management company will ensure that every vehicle on the road has the right supplies and fits the task assigned to it.

Additionally, if you have issues with hiring and firing your drivers, you can get some relief when you outsource fleet services. You don't have to worry about training your drivers on road safety. The vendor will do all these for you.  

Final Thoughts 

According to a recent survey we conducted, 44.83% of companies avoid outsourcing and keep their risk management in-house. Companies like Azuga offer a fleet management system that helps you track your fleet and drivers. You can gather all the useful insights like sharp braking, speeding, overloading, and sudden acceleration so that you know which drivers you should fire or promote. Azuga helps you reduce accident-related behavior in your team because every driver is held accountable when using company vehicles.

If fleet management software isn’t appealing, then the other option is outsourcing. When the peak period for landscaping services is almost upon you, don’t hesitate to outsource your fleet to the right vendor and boost your team efficiency and company flexibility.

Outsourcing fleet services help you save on the cost of setting up an in-house mechanic shop and acquiring replacement parts for your fleet. You get lots of benefits when you outsource fleet services, and all these help you grow your landscaping business over time.