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4 Reasons Electric Businesses Should Outsource Fleet Services

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An integral part of every profitable electric business is its fleet. Electricians spend a lot of time on the road moving between job sites. They rely on their vehicles to carry their tools and equipment, not to mention themselves, making fleets the backbone of any electric business.  

The level of efficiency with which your fleet operates has a considerable impact on how well your organization will do financially. Improving an electric company’s fleet can help improve the efficacy and impact of the entire business. 

A recent survey we conducted showed that 44.83% of companies manage fleet risk in-house. Companies like Azuga use GPS fleet tracking and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to gather useful insights into driving behaviors like sharp braking, speeding, overloading, and sudden acceleration, so you know which drivers you need to work with to improve driving skills, and which drivers you may want to promote for their excellent driving skills. But, there’s also the option of outsourcing fleet drivers, which presents its own benefits. 

In this article, we will outline four reasons why your electric business should outsource electrical fleet management services. From saving time and money by outsourcing to gaining access to industry experts and the latest technologies, take a look at why your electrician business should outsource fleet services. 

Electric businesses looking to improve their operations would be wise to consider outsourcing fleet services. Doing so can also help them get an edge over their competition by gathering data and insights with a fleet tracking app to streamline business operations and grow their bottom line. Here are four reasons why your electric business should outsource fleet services. 

1. Outsourcing Saves Electric Businesses Money 

Outsourcing doesn’t save electric businesses money in just one way — it can save them money in several different ways.  

One way electrician companies can save money is through the economies of scale that outsourcing fleets allows users to take advantage of when they make use of third-party fleet services. Companies that specialize in fleet management are much larger than any individual electric company, which means they can enjoy the perks of economies of scale, such as bulk purchasing for a lower per-unit cost. 

Additionally, parts providers often offer discounts to customers who purchase parts in significant volumes. Electric companies can’t access these perks on their own. Outsourcing fleet maintenance to a company with a strong relationship with a parts provider can save electric companies money, which greatly benefits them in a way that is unreachable to electric companies. 

Outsourcing fleet services also allows electric companies to monitor their costs productively as their outsourced fleet services provider will deliver detailed reports on where and why fleet costs were incurred. 

The highest cost that outsourcing fleet services let electric companies avoid is setting up in-house fleet management and maintenance teams. This can be extremely expensive and simply not feasible for small electric companies. For larger ones, it often doesn’t make sense when a superior quality of service can be achieved via outsourcing. 

Outsourcing fleet services is a great way for electric businesses to save money on their fleet operations.  

2. Outsourcing Saves Electric Businesses Time

Electricians don’t like to waste time. Time is a valuable asset to any business. Yet, many electrician businesses opt to run their fleet management and maintenance in-house, despite how time-consuming these tasks are. 

One popular reason electricians choose to outsource their fleet services is to save themselves time. Outsourcing fleet services offloads time-consuming fleet responsibilities into capable hands and provides electric companies with more time to focus on other business areas that add the most value. 

Outsourced fleet services companies are made up of professionals who are competent at what they do. Fleet management and maintenance divisions are often run more efficiently when operated by a qualified fleet services company as opposed to in-house. 

So not only do electrician businesses save themselves time by outsourcing fleet services, but the work is also performed better. 

3. Outsourcing Provides Electric Businesses with Access to Experts

Third on our list of reasons your electrician business should outsource fleet services is access to experts. The best person to be in charge of fleet management and maintenance operations is an important aspect of every fleet but is unfortunately not always considered by electric businesses.  

Fleet management and maintenance require specialized knowledge and an understanding of current technologies. It also necessitates keeping up with the most recent industry licensing, safety, and risk management guidelines. 

To perform the job well requires time and dedication. Doing so while juggling other responsibilities is a significant challenge. Luckily, electricians can outsource fleet services into more qualified hands. 

Outsourcing fleet services will give your electrician business’ fleet access to expert mechanics and fleet managers. Their mechanics will have experience working on a wide variety of vehicles and will be able to service your fleet professionally no matter what types of vehicles make up your fleet. 

Often, fleets are better maintained by outsourced fleet services companies than by those that operate in-house, which means the lifespan of a company’s vehicles will be longer. 

Outsourced fleet services company mechanics are experts at what they do, and so are their fleet managers. These professionals utilize the latest fleet technologies, such as GPS fleet tracking, to operate your fleet in the most efficient manner possible.  

Expert fleet managers can even help route your drivers in better ways that save them time, reduce the amount of gas being used, and improve the customer experience. 

Outsourcing fleet services provides electric businesses with access to experts who use their knowledge and experience to make the company’s fleet more efficient. 

4. Outsourcing Provides Electric Businesses With Access to the Latest Technologies

Fleet management is a challenging and complex operation. It can be hard for small electric businesses to run an efficient fleet and afford to keep up with the latest technologies. 

Outsourcing fleet services allows electric business’ fleets to be managed with the most current technologies. Electricians can benefit from all sorts of advanced tools and technologies that outsourced vendors use, such as telematics systems that track driver behavior and fuel consumption. 

It is a lot cheaper to outsource fleet services than it is to purchase technologies outright and build a fleet management and maintenance program in-house. Electric companies can gain access to technologies they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. 

Rethinking Fleet Outsourcing

Hopefully, you will now think twice about operating your electric business’ fleet management and maintenance divisions in-house. Doing so can end up costing your company more in the long run. Also, there is a high up-front cost to creating these departments in-house. 

Outsourcing fleet services is the best option for most electric businesses, especially those that require small business GPS fleet tracking. When companies outsource fleet services, they save money and time and gain access to experts and cutting-edge technologies that make their businesses more competitive. 

Electrician businesses should opt for outsourcing fleet services over doing the same work in-house in order to take advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing.