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Coordinate Your Wildfire Response with Fleet Management Software

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When it comes to responding to wildfires, being quick and efficient is vital. Being slow or sloppy can result in more damage or even death, so fire response fleets must prioritize their efficiency. When people think of wildfire response, they don’t often think of fleet management software. Still, surprisingly, these two work hand-in-hand to create a seamless wildfire response team that will reduce the damage of wildfire aftermath every time. Find out what fleet management software can do for wildfire response fleets in this article. 

Improve Dispatching.

As with any team of first responders, proper dispatching procedures are crucial to ensuring that the right team responds as quickly as possible to the problem at hand. Fleet management software has a variety of features that make the dispatching process more accurate and streamlined. For example, a dispatcher can assign lead firefighters right from the software, so everyone on site knows who’s in charge. Otherwise, there may be chaos at the site. 

Furthermore, fleets can dispatch certain vehicles drivers based on their expertise and equipment. This feature is particularly useful in fighting wildfires, as different firetrucks may have specialized equipment, and managers want to ensure that the right equipment is available to deal with the problem at hand. 

Get the Best Routes.

Route optimization is a key feature of fleet management software when it comes to wildfire response. This feature uses machine learning and algorithms to find the best route between Point A and Point B. When responders are trying to reach the location of a fire, they must have the most efficient route possible. Route optimization software gets drivers to their destinations faster and with better fuel efficiency so they can work longer and harder. It’s a significant advantage that fleets in the past did not have. 

Monitor Firefighters.

Dispatchers can’t easily check in when firefighters are trying to do their jobs; it would be distracting and slow the process down. However, this doesn’t mean they should be left out of the loop. With fleet management software, dispatchers don’t have to worry about reaching out to their firefighters to check in. They can view everything they want to see right from their fleet management screen. They can see their firefighters’ locations, change their routes, update their tasks, and make various changes to their schedules. 

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