Why Large Fleets Should Be Equipped With Dashcams

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Dashcams are becoming a necessity in modern fleet management. They keep an eye on everything that is happening in and around fleet vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about your drivers. By recording both the driver and the road at the same time, dash cams provide a clear picture of everything that is happening at the time of any incident. As a result, they are the most reliable witness in the event of an accident. Dashcams are crucial to driver safety, accountability, and productivity — it is vital that you equip your drivers as soon as possible for these very reasons. 

How a Dashcam Works

Dashcams are unobtrusive and simple for anyone to install. You can simply adhere them to the windshield or rearview mirror. They can be front or dual-facing, such as Azuga’s Smart AI Fleet dashcam, showing both on-road and in-cab incidents. Most begin recording when the ignition is turned on, but they only upload videos of dangerous or risky incidents, so you don’t have to sift through hours of footage to find what you need. The footage is usually between 720p and 1080p, giving you a perfect view of everything that’s happening within about 150°. It’s so easy — there is nothing too complicated about dashcams that your fleet can’t handle. 


Your top priority is, of course, the safety of your drivers and of everyone else on the road. This is one reason why dashcams are so important. Your dashcam is always watching what is going on, and can alert you to any dangerous activity. Recording incidents after they happen is important, but catching behaviors before they happen is crucial as well. 

The cab-facing camera is able to detect distracted behaviors such as eating, yawning, or using the phone and alert you when these behaviors occur. This encourages safe driving behavior and allows you to correct any frequent mistakes as they arise. 

The same goes for risky driving behaviors, such as swerving, harsh braking, harsh cornering, or going over or under the speed limit. The dashcam isolates these incidents as well and sends them to your fleet manager so that you can act as quickly as possible to rectify these dangers in real-time. Your drivers will always be on their best behavior, leading to safer driving and fewer accidents.  


To maintain safe behaviors, it is important to implement a fair accountability system. Safe drivers will appreciate the acknowledgement and reward of their alert and responsible driving. They will also enjoy the protection of their jobs in the event of an incident. 

On the other hand, drivers who need correction can be addressed with quick and focused coaching. Tracking and rewarding good driving behavior is the first step, and dashcams help with that. Azuga’s AI-driven dashcam can review driver footage and assign scores to drivers based on their behaviors, rewarding good drivers and prioritizing other drivers for coaching. These cams can even send footage of dangerous behaviors immediately in order for you to reach out to the drivers making mistakes as soon as possible, which maintains safety and efficiency on the road. 


Dashcams ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently by ensuring that your drivers are safe and accountable, and that you aren’t losing money in accident lawsuits or handling employee injuries or time off. Accidents aren’t only a huge strain on money — they also put a chokehold on time and resources. You need to make sure that your drivers are getting from Point A to Point B safely to ensure the job is getting done — and that’s what dashcams will provide your fleet, drivers, and dispatch managers. 

By serving as a witness in the event of any accidents, your dashcams will also resolve any accident claims swiftly and in your safe driver’s favor. The dashcam’s job as a witness not only saves you time, but thousands of dollars as well. 


Safe driving leads to less accidents, which ultimately saves you money, time, and stress. Accidents can cost between $16,500 and $500,000 depending on the severity of any injuries. The safe driving behaviors encouraged by dual-facing dashcams can cut down on these accidents significantly. 

If there ever is an accident, the dashcam is there to serve as your most reliable witness. Its testimony is undeniably accurate, and these testimonies exonerate drivers every year, saving tens of thousands of dollars for field service businesses. Not to mention, you also save money on your insurance premiums as well. No matter which dashcam you choose, the savings you find will make it well worth your investment. 

Dashcams Provide Peace of Mind

With dash cams saving you time, money, and giving you peace of mind, why wouldn’t you want your fleet equipped? The road is a dangerous place, and we need to do everything we can to keep our drivers, fleets, and other assets from these dangers. By preventing accidents and protecting your fleet or field service-based business in accident lawsuits, dashcams accomplish exactly this. Don’t wait until it’s too late — start recording today! Check out the available options in dual-facing and AI-driven dashcams on the Azuga website!