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5 Reasons HVAC Businesses Should Outsource Fleet Services

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HVAC companies are expected to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions promptly, often at a moment’s notice. A strategic fleet management system, including sophisticated fleet software, helps companies avoid unnecessary downtimes, ensuring clients are served satisfactorily and on time.

Managing to keep your fleet in perfect condition can be a daunting task. That can be taken care of when you outsource fleet services to the right fleet management company. You get to enjoy long-term savings on operation costs, fewer headaches, and reduced fleet downtime. In this article, we look at the reasons behind why HVAC businesses should outsource fleet services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Services for an HVAC Business

Besides reducing cost, there are several other benefits that any business can enjoy by hiring a third-party fleet management company. We take an in-depth look at why it could be a viable option to let someone else handle fleet operations on your behalf.

#1. Reduce Downtime

The best way to reduce downtime in HVAC companies is by scheduling fleet maintenance where it is necessary. Performing extensive maintenance services during breaks and rest times is one of the most effective ways of eliminating fleet downtimes. If a vehicle is free during the night, it is up to company fleet technicians to check during that time.

In an HVAC company set up, operations can run round the clock. Therefore, it is sensible to outsource to fleet management companies that are open to operate throughout the day and night, whenever they’re called upon. Technicians of third-party fleet management companies should be spread across remote locations to provide on-site services.

#2. Buying Power

Many fleet dealers and spare part manufacturers offer significant discounts to big-volume buying customers. Outsourcing to an established provider with a broad appeal can be highly beneficial to your fleet.

As your HVAC business focuses solely on improving its services, you can leverage discounts for your company by partnering with experts. Fleets do not come cheap, and every discount can have an immensely positive impact on business finances. A reputable fleet management company comes with significant buying power, and as a client, you will save a lot on tires, spare parts, fluids, and other usually expensive equipment.

#3. Risk Mitigation

A lot of things happen in the garage. Your business will need to spend considerable amounts of money, human resources, and time to ensure vehicles move safely down the road and through several departments within the company premises. Unfortunately, it is not always the case for technicians. To ensure that company technicians keep up with the HAZMAT and OSHA requirements, a lot of investment is required on your part—more like another business on top of HVAC.

If you cannot protect your staff from workplace accidents and lawsuits, or you’re not training your technicians on the need for safety, then let a specialist handle it. 

A fleet services organization should do all the above to ensure the garage is safe and everyone within the premises is safe. By outsourcing, you reduce the risk of exposure and increase safety awareness. In the end, you save vast amounts of money through the prevention of accidents and consequent lawsuits.

#4. Flexibility

The cost of running fleets often limits businesses to run lean fleets without back-ups. That means available vehicles are expected to be on the road most of the time, even when it means absconding maintenance schedules. The ability to predict the amount of time a vehicle will be undergoing regular service is usually the most critical factor determining whether you have enough vehicles to make your required routes or not.

Third-party fleet companies understand that being flexible is paramount in reducing downtime. They offer your business plenty of solutions tailored to meet your different business needs. For example, when the demand for cooling services during hot summer is high, your HVAC business will naturally want to expand its fleet. Outsourcing means you’ll be able to expand without necessarily purchasing additional vehicles.

#5. Expert Technicians and Experienced Fleet Staff

The cost of new parts and labor is crucial in fleet maintenance, but technicians need to conduct repairs productively and efficiently. Getting services done quickly means your fleets will be back on the road as fast as possible, but it should not subject you to sacrifice quality for productivity. All repairs must be done correctly, ensuring that they meet Standard Repair Times and adhere to quality metrics.

Only specialized fleet management providers can guarantee expert technicians with the required experience in handling different fleet maintenance challenges. Your business does not need to be embroiled in unnecessary conflicts when its primary goal should be to deliver high-quality HVAC services.

HVAC Fleet Services Best Practices

Proper fleet management practices remain critical in an HVAC business to minimize fleet downtime and improve your clients’ service. By virtue of HVAC technicians being always mobile, tracking their productivity and monitoring assets can prove rather tricky. More so, when your business is still stuck on the analog whiteboards and cumbersome paper processes to schedule fleet operations.

Utilizing modern fleet management software makes it easier for fleet managers to streamline operations to improve vehicle uptime and cover other fleet management essentials.

Some of the best practices in HVAC business fleet services include:

  • Leveraging on mobile vehicle inspection apps
  • Coordinating maintenance schedules
  • Tracking fleet data on a single platform comprehensively.
  • Monitoring fleet expenses and calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO)


According to a recent survey we conducted, 44.83% of companies avoid outsourcing and keep their risk management in-house. Companies like Azuga offer a fleet management system that will help maximize the efficiency and safety of your drivers. Of course, that is just one option of many. 

When you outsource fleet services to a third-party management company, it does not take control of your business away from you. Rather, it replenishes your peace of mind and allows you to direct your energy on what you’re good at—serving your customers. To ensure that you remain acquainted with whatever is happening around your fleets, special GPS tracking software is available for your fleets. It avails real-time data that enables you to make informed decisions like saving on fuel, improving safety, driver behavior, and generally boosting your HVAC fleet’s efficiency.