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Which Azuga Package is Best for Your Business?

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If you’ve decided to go with GPS services from Azuga, but aren’t sure which package to pick, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss each of our available packages and help you choose the best option for your fleet business. 


When you’re just getting started and seeking out a basic and cost-effective option, consider BasicFleet. This simplified plan includes Azuga Fleet, FleetMobile, and our famous GPS trackers. You’ll get features like:

  • GPS Tracking — See where each of your vehicles is in real-time. You’ll also get access to data like which job the vehicle is on, who is driving, and their current speed.
  • Alerts and Notifications — Be notified when specific safety-related events occur. These include speeding, hard braking, and more. 
  • Driver Scores — We’ll keep track of each driver’s habits on the road and compile an easily understood driver score. You can use this data to determine which drivers may need extra training and to reward those performing exceptionally well.
  • Driver Rewards — To help you reward your best drivers, we offer a rewards program that gamifies safe driving habits. Drivers compete to see who can maintain the highest safety standards.
  • Advanced Reporting — Schedule the reports you need to run automatically. Our reports will be automatically emailed to the right team members with PDF or Excel files attached.
  • Geofencing — Be notified when vehicles move through a digital boundary anywhere you choose. Set a fence around your yard, job sites, or any other location. 
  • Top-Notch Support — Our software wins awards for its ease of use, but if you still have questions, we’re here for you. You’ll get unlimited phone, email, and web-based support, even with our basic package.


Our most popular package puts your fleet’s safety first. When you choose our SafeFleet package, you’ll get all of the amazing features of BasicFleet, plus must-have safety features and tools to boost your operational efficiency.

Our enhanced safety features include:

  • SpeedSafe — SpeedSafe drills down into speeding incidents to tell you when and where they happen. We’ll even give you details on the driving conditions surrounding each event.
  • Distracted Driving — Monitor how your drivers use their phones while on the road. You’ll see calls made, received, and missed while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Panic Alert — If your drivers run into trouble on the road, they can hit the panic button and instantly alert the fleet manager.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring — Avoid flat tires before they happen with our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). We’ll alert drivers whenever their tire pressure deviates from acceptable levels.
Our efficiency-boosting features include: 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics — Get a clear picture of each vehicle’s health via diagnostic trouble codes. 
  • Scheduled Maintenance — Keep track of regularly scheduled maintenance needs so you can schedule vehicle downtime without missing out on jobs.
  • Trip Logs and Tags — Tag each trip your vehicles take with details about where your driver is going and why.
  • Fuel Card Integration — Connect your favorite fleet fuel cards to our system to track fuel expenses on the go.
  • API Integration — Our system plays well with others. Use API integrations to link driving data to other applications your fleet uses.
  • TrackMe — Keep your customers informed with location and status sharing features.
  • Occupant Recognition — Our system will automatically identify which driver is behind the wheel of each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Messaging — Management and drivers can easily communicate with one another from within our system.


If you want to be sure you’re taking advantage of every possible feature, our CompleteFleet package is for you. You’ll get everything in BasicFleet and SafeFleet, plus exclusive features tailored to your fleet’s unique needs. Additional features include:

  • Azuga Coach — Customized video coaching for your drivers will help them develop better driving habits and stay safe on the road.
  • FuelSaver — We’ll help your drivers find the best gas station to save your fleet on fuel expenses.
  • One-Minute Tracking — You’ll get minute-by-minute tracking details.
  • Custom Reports — Get the data you need presented in the way you want without all the extra noise. 
  • Collision Reconstruction — When paired with our SafetyCam AI, we’ll help you reconstruct collisions to prove fault and exonerate drivers.
  • Concierge Support — A dedicated Customer Success Manager will help your business get the most of your Azuga system.
  • Quarterly Fleet Review — Your Customer Success Manager will review your fleet’s progress quarterly and help you identify actionable insights.

SafetyCam Add-On

Any of our packages can be enhanced with our dual-facing HD SafetyCam. More than just a simple dashcam, this AI-powered tool monitors what’s happening both inside and outside the vehicle. You’ll have a virtual eye-witness at the scene of every event, and you may even score lower insurance premiums as a result!

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