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Where to Find the Best Fleet Truck Parts

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Although trucks are usually heavy-duty, that doesn’t mean their parts will last forever. Trucks take a beating, whether from driving in harsh weather conditions or racking up a lot of mileage. Even with proper fleet maintenance, you are bound to need to replace certain fleet truck parts.

There are many maintenance tips you should follow to ensure your truck is healthy and functioning properly. For example, mechanics recommend checking your truck’s belts every 25,000 miles and replacing them after 50,000 miles. We’ll go over the most frequently replaced parts, where to find the best ones, and what to consider when buying fleet truck parts. 

Most Commonly Replaced Truck Parts 

Your truck fleet will inevitably require replacement parts. Ideally, you want to find parts with a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about paying for unnecessary replacement costs. Some truck parts are more easily worn down than others. 


Truck tires tend to last longer than regular vehicle tires, but they won’t last forever. Expect to replace them once the truck has reached 100,000 miles. To help your tires last longer, make sure to check their pressure at least once a month. As you drive through normal conditions, your tires will lose PSI. Also, have tires rotated about once every six months. Tires may become unbalanced due to normal wear and wear and needs a re-alignment from time to time. Maintaining proper tire maintenance will keep you from replacing your truck tires often. 

Brake Pads 

Larger trucks tend to need brake pads replaced more frequently. Heavy trucks require additional braking power every time the vehicle decelerates or stops. The general rule of thumb is that brake pads should be replaced about every 50,000 miles. However, this varies heavily on what kind of driving you do, your driving style, and how frequently you have to stop and go. The best way to avoid damaging your brake pads quickly is to avoid fast stops. If you notice jittery braking or scraping noise, it may be time to replace your brake pads. 


Having a clutch and functioning transmission system helps you get from point A to point B. The purpose of the clutch is to transmit power from a truck’s engine to its gearbox. It does that by breaking the connection between the wheels and the engine. A truck’s clutch tends to break down faster than a smaller vehicle. For your truck to slow down or make a stop, drivers need to press the clutch or downshift. Your clutch may last you about 150,000 to 200,000 miles or about seven years

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Where to Find the Best Fleet Truck Parts 

There are a few common places to look when trying to find the highest-quality fleet truck parts. Where you decide to purchase largely depends on your preferences and level of expertise regarding truck parts. 

Auto Shops

One way of finding fleet truck parts is by going to a reliable supplier that specifically stocks them. There are many parts out there that may not be compatible with your specific truck. Make sure to find compatible parts for a proper fit and function.

The best place to find high-quality fleet truck parts is at an auto shop. They may offer installation and most keep their store stocked with a variety of truck parts. Most auto shops employ knowledgeable mechanics that can diagnose your truck to figure out which parts you’ll need and how to fit them into your vehicle. 

Once you’ve had your parts fitted, the warranty period will take effect. It’s crucial to keep records of when you replaced parts, where you got them, how your truck is performing, and what parts may be causing problems. This is useful information to provide to auto technicians. If your parts are getting worn down quickly, install accessories designed to protect your truck fleet from unnecessary wear and tear. With good documentation, you can determine the amount of money you are spending on fleet truck parts and whether or not you’re getting a good return on investment. 


Another method for finding truck parts is by searching online. The advantage of purchasing online is that you may find specialty truck parts at the lowest prices. You’ll be able to easily compare brands and stores to find what you’re looking for. However, if you’re unsure about the parts you need, you may end up purchasing incompatible parts. These won’t match your truck or may even cause damage to it. 

What to Consider When Buying New Truck Parts 

There are many factors to consider before purchasing new parts. These are the two most significant factors:

Look at Value, Rather than Prices 

Most people look to save money on their truck fleet by buying the cheapest truck parts. These inexpensive truck parts may have a short life span and require more maintenance work. Always opt for high-quality parts that are durable and will last as long as possible.

Make a List of Required Parts 

It’s crucial to have a list of parts you need to replace or repair your truck; otherwise, you could end up wasting a ton of money. Always have the exact part or model number that you’re looking for. The owner’s manual of your truck has all of the components and part numbers labeled, so you can easily refer back when needed.


Fleet maintenance is a crucial component of the proper management of your truck fleet. If you want to be in business for a long time and maximize your earnings, then you’ll need to keep your heavy-duty trucks well-maintained. Getting new truck parts helps to prevent accidents and costly repairs that could affect your bottom line. Also, accidents cause your insurance premium to increase and could injure your drivers, or the public. Maintain your truck fleet’s health by buying high-quality truck parts from reputable auto shops that have been around for a long time.