When your Reputation Rides on it–Fox Systems, GA

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In the electrical contracting business, safety is a huge concern, both on-site and when on the move

When Fox Systems of Georgia deployed Azuga Driver Scoring in their 54-vehicle fleet, they saw steadily improving results over the months.

Between the third and the sixth month, the number of drivers considered under unsafe Hard Braking dropped from 25% to 7%. Over the next couple of years, it has dipped below 5%.

Rapid Acceleration is another area of concern—for safety, wear and tear, as well as fuel consumption.

Here too, 30% of drivers rated as ‘Poor’ in the baseline month came down to less than 10% in subsequent months and has stayed so over the next few years.

Before installing the Azuga device in our business vehicles, I tried it out on my own. I really liked Azuga’s maintenance, geofencing, reporting, and alerts!. Safety is a big deal at Fox Systems. Company owned trucks with our name and number on them are mobile billboards and we want our workers thinking about safety wherever they go.

Tony Bauman, Owner, Fox Systems (Calhoun, GA)

Azuga has been championing the application of telematics for safer roads and driver safety

Our growing base of drivers and vehicles allows us to manage and analyze more telematics data than just about anyone. Our Data science team leverages this big data set to come up with predictions on future accident risk. Software Advice, a Gartner Group company featured us recently among the Top 5 Telematics Fleet Solution Providers in their Reviewers’ Choice Awards for 2017.