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When to Consider Fleet Management Software

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Fleet management can be a very challenging job if you’re trying to do everything manually. There are multiple drivers to keep track of, jobs to stay on top of, regulations to remember, and paperwork to keep up with that it can seem impossible for a person to manage all on their own. That’s why fleet management software exists and why so many businesses are taking advantage of its benefits. If you’re running a smaller fleet, you may be wondering if you genuinely need fleet management software. The truth is managers of fleets, even as small as five vehicles, can enjoy the benefits of fleet management software. We’ll explain the benefits, and if they sound good to you, it may be time to consider upgrading. 

Stay Organized

One of the most significant benefits of fleet management software is the ability for managers to keep all aspects of their jobs organized. Firstly, GPS tracking allows managers to track employees’ location, job status, and shifts, so it’s easy to schedule workers and jobs, change shifts, and update customers on where workers are. They can also keep track of customers easily in the expansive CRM, which lists customers and their past jobs, favorite technicians, and important notes. Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of any business’s image, and it’s a manager’s job to cultivate that. 

At the same time, technicians have everything they need right on their smartphones or tablets. They can view their assignments, track their time, and even talk to customers right on their devices. Any information that anyone needs is all in one place, easy to access at the click of a button. 

Streamline Procedures

Fleet management software will become integral to your fleet's daily operations because it can help with every aspect of fleet management. Managers can start by assigning and monitoring jobs right from the software. When employees receive the job, they can accept, change, or update it as needed from their own mobile devices. This eliminates any need for the manager to call the driver when they’re on the road, causing interruptions or distractions while driving. The software even recognizes technicians’ skill sets and pairs them with compatible jobs. If a customer has worked with a technician before, the software can pair them with that technician again, creating a relationship with the business and improving customer service. 

Throughout the day, managers can track their workers’ time, schedule jobs, and dispatch them based on their availability and location, as indicated by the GPS tracker. Mistakes are nearly impossible with the accuracy of the GPS and detailed information at the manager’s disposal. 

Furthermore, fleets can maximize productivity with route optimization software. Route optimization software finds the best route without the hindrances of traffic, construction, or other delays. If any changes to the route become necessary, the system automatically updates the route without any interruption to the driver. And along the way, managers can track where their drivers are at all times. 

Obtain Analytics Reports

Analytics is a helpful tool for managers to make important decisions regarding anything from assets to employee safety. One way that managers often use analytics is to lower fuel costs. They can get reports on how much vehicles are idling or where fuel is wasted and use that information to decide routes or schedules that will cut down on fuel use. 

Tracking unsafe driving behaviors like speeding and distracted driving can keep fleet drivers and everyone on the road safe. Getting reports on these behaviors makes it easy to determine who safe drivers are and what drivers may need additional coaching or training. 

Making informed decisions is an essential part of being a fleet manager, and it matters for all sizes and shapes of fleets. 


Fleet management software is a handy tool that any fleet would use every single day. It helps managers make informed decisions and helps keep operations running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Azuga is a leader in fleet technology and has created state-of-the-art fleet management software that fleets use worldwide. To find out more about Azuga’s fleet management software, reach out to an expert today and find out how to start harnessing control of your fleet with ease.