What is Loop Recording on a Dash Cam?

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Dash cam loop recording is a feature that comes with many dash cams. It allows you to record continuously without dumping videos from your camera’s SD card. When the dash cam’s SD card is full, and loop recording is enabled, the camera will automatically delete the oldest video to make room for the new video. 

There are pros and cons to using loop recording in a dash cam.


  • Never miss out on a critical recording.
  • Recordings are small clips of one to five minutes.


  • If you haven’t locked important videos, they may be deleted.
  • Loop recording won’t work if you have too many locked videos on your camera’s SD card.

How Does Dash Cam Loop Recording Work?

When you record on your dash cam, recordings will be made and kept up to the capacity of your dash cam’s SD card. Once the card is full, loop recording will kick in and delete the oldest video to make room for a new recording. This will continue unless a video has been locked. In that case, it won’t be recorded over, and the camera will move on to delete the next unlocked video on the card.

It is important to remember that different cameras will have different capacities depending on the maximum storage capacity of the SD card installed in the camera. Because the camera will overwrite old files, you must lock any files you want to save immediately. You can free up space on the SD card by downloading needed files to your computer or uploading them to the cloud. If your camera is wi-fi or Bluetooth enabled, or your dash cam software allows it, you can get files off the SD card without removing the SD card from the camera.

What if Loop Recording isn’t Working on My Dash Cam?

There can be a few reasons why loop recording isn’t working on your dash cam.

Incorrect device settings

Loop recording may not be set up on the camera to allow this feature to work, or another setting may prevent it from working. You may need to turn loop recording on or adjust the video recording length. 

Too many locked videos

If the SD card is full and too many videos are locked, this will prevent loop recording from working.

The SD card

The SD card itself may be the problem with why loop recording isn’t working. It may not be working, may be installed incorrectly, or may need to be formatted to work with your dash cam.


Dash cam loop recording can be an invaluable tool to use with your dash cam. You get the most recent incident with your vehicle without worrying about whether or not you deleted old footage you don’t need. It’s just as important to ensure that your SD card has the space to allow loop recording to work.