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What is Fleet Registration?

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Even if you’re running a fleet, you may not realize all the different ways fleet vehicles are handled compared to regular vehicles. One of the ways fleet vehicles are different is how they are registered. If you currently register each fleet vehicle separately, it’s likely a tedious process, and you have a lot of extra information to track. Fleet registration is an alternative to registering all of your vehicles separately. Let’s discuss how fleet registration works, its benefits, and what you need to know to register your fleet. 

How Does Fleet Registration Work?

Fleet registration is the process of registering all of your fleet vehicles at once. The exact number of vehicles you can register varies by state, but typically it is 15-99. When you register all of your vehicles simultaneously, they will all fall under the same timeline for expiration. There are many types of fleet registration, and the types available to you vary based on your state. 

Benefits of Fleet Registration

Keeping track of your vehicles’ renewal dates can be a massive challenge if you register them separately. Fleet registration allows you to consolidate every vehicle into one easy process. When it’s time to renew, you will receive a renewal application for all your vehicles at once, simplifying the process immensely. If you ever need to add or remove vehicles from your registration, your state will have a process for you to complete. 

Fleet Registration vs. Apportioned Registration

These two processes have a lot of overlap; both are for commercial use. The difference is that fleet registration is for vehicles that travel within a state, and apportioned registration is for vehicles that travel across state lines. Some vehicles can be apportioned within a fleet renewal program, but that depends on your state and its regulations. 

What Information Do I Need to Register My Fleet?

The form you will need to complete varies based on your state, but there is some general information you will need for any form. 

You will need to provide the following:

  • The address of your business
  • How many trucks you want to register
  • License plate information for your vehicles
  • Serial numbers for your vehicles
  • Combined axles, weight, and vehicle change information
  • Vehicle insurance information

Learn More About Simplifying Fleet Operations

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