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Why Your Trucking Business Needs Fleet Management Software

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Trucking businesses face many challenges, especially in light of the supply chain issues of the last couple of years. If you’re the fleet manager of a trucking business, you don’t need any extra unnecessary burden placed on you by outdated processes. Trucking fleet management software can propel you into the feature and streamline your operations so you can run your business better than ever before. If you think your business has been getting by fine without fleet management software, you may not realize everything you’ve been missing. This article will explain why your trucking business needs fleet management software in 2022. 

Streamline Procedures

Fleet management software is key to your everyday operations. You can assign and monitor jobs directly on your computers and smartphones using this software. Then, employees can accept, change, and update those jobs from their mobile devices. Communication is so much easier with fleet management software. The days of playing phone tag with your drivers are a thing of the past. 

Meanwhile, you can track worker time, schedule, and dispatch jobs based on when a driver is available and where they are. They can see these details right from their screen in real-time. It’s easy to navigate and leaves no room for error. 

Organize Procedures

Of course, as a fleet manager, you want to keep organized. You can easily keep track of employees with fleet tracking GPS technology. This feature tracks location, job status, and employee shifts. Furthermore, the system includes a CRM feature as well. With this feature, you can track customer satisfaction. After all, keeping customers happy is a critical part of running any business. This CRM can track employee performance, job satisfaction, and payment status. Another feature of fleet management status is the ability to order more supplies whenever needed so you can stay on top of the business’s stock. 

Meanwhile, drivers can stay on top of their needs as well. They have everything they need to do their jobs right on their phones. They can view assignments, track time, and talk to customers all right through the app. This information accumulates all in one place, and everyone on the team can access this essential data at any time. 

Improve Customer Service

As we mentioned, customer service is any business’s top priority. In the trucking industry, this applies as well. Many companies use fleet management software to provide personalized and accurate customer care. For example, whenever a driver experiences a delay and expects to run late, they can alert the customer ahead of time. They can also simply alert the customer when they are on their way. Customers appreciate being kept in the loop and will enjoy this feature. When the driver arrives, the customer will be ready for them, which will help jobs and deliveries run more smoothly. 

Fleet management software also tracks customer information, so you or your drivers can easily answer customer inquiries. All of the information you need is right at your fingertips. Furthermore, customers can enjoy the convenience of paying by phone, in person, or online. If they want, they can set up recurring payments as well. Collecting payment is effortless when you have fleet management software. 

The CRM system allows you to create a personalized experience for each customer. Information regarding work orders and customers, in general, is available at a glance. Having this information improves your customer retention, and retaining these customers keeps the lifeblood of your business flowing. Fleet management software ensures that they are satisfied. 

Obtain Analytics

If you don’t know how your business is doing, how can you improve? When it comes to making important business decisions, you need all of the data you can gather in your hands. That’s where business analytics come in handy. Fleet management software helps you obtain the analytics you need. For example, you can get analytics on your fuel costs. You can see how fuel is being used, and seeing where fuel costs come from is an excellent way to save money for your fleet. After all, fuel is one of the most expensive costs for fleets. Analytics can also be used to prevent breakdowns by helping managers stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Breakdowns are a great hindrance to productivity and cost fleets thousands. Finally, you can track unsafe driving behaviors to ensure that your drivers are safe behind the wheel, protecting your fleet from culpability in accidents and keeping everyone on the road safe from harm. Analytics has endless uses. You just have to take advantage. 

Take Control of Your Trucking Business Today

With fleet management software, you have ultimate control over your fleet business. Azuga offers the best of the best when it comes to fleet management software; we’re experts in the field. See for yourself by trying out a fleet demo. Start taking advantage of all of these features as soon as possible!