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How Can Truckers Increase Time at Home?

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One of the biggest challenges in being a truck driver is the limited time drivers spend at home. This issue leads to mental health concerns, along with general health issues. Even if a fleet manager offers excellent pay, many drivers don’t think it’s worth it. If you want to keep your drivers happy or recruit new ones, consider these methods of increasing driver time at home. 

Why is Driver Work-Life Balance Important?

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on work-life balance for all employees. Drivers are no exception. As mentioned above, drivers face some of the most significant work hardships. These are just some of the challenges of a fleet driver’s job: 

  • Being away from family
  • Being away from friends
  • Unhealthy food options while on the road
  • Difficulty achieving a sleep routine
  • Unusual work schedules

You’ll notice one thing that can eliminate many of these challenges– more time spent at home. It may seem an impossible wish to grant to your drivers. With some adjustments, however, it’s possible. We’ll explore three ways to do so below. 

No. 1: Rewards

Do you have a driver who volunteers for every weekend or holiday shift? Such a schedule isn’t an easy sacrifice and should be rewarded fairly. Consider rewarding those drivers who work unpopular shifts with extra time at home or even a bump in pay. 

No. 2: Short Routes

Do you have any short route options for your drivers? Drivers can travel 200 miles each way and be home every night. Drivers in the job market are often looking for short routes like these. You might even consider a fleet relay style of operations– check out our blog article on the subject for more information! These jobs involve a consistent and predictable schedule, which many drivers seek. 

No. 3: Seniority Benefits

Of course, not every route can be short or implemented in a relay style. Make as many routes as you can into short ones. Then, award these routes to drivers who have been with your staff for some time. With the truck shortage ongoing, you’ll undoubtedly want to hold onto the drivers you have. Rewarding those who have been in for the long haul is an excellent way of doing so. 

Azuga Can Help You– So You Can Help Your Drivers!

If you’re implementing a scheduling change, you must be able to track your routes and data effectively. Azuga’s state-of-the-art fleet tracking system helps you achieve this. You’ll know where your drivers are at all times and be able to track their behavior. This data enables you to determine who your best drivers are and whether the new routes you implement are working. To discover how Azuga can make work-life balance possible for your drivers, contact an expert today!