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Top Tips for Improving Important Truck Driver Skills

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When you’re a trucker, you know that you need to have a specific set of skills not only to succeed at your job but to advance in your career. These skills help motivate you day-to-day and make your day-to-day life a lot easier. Some of these skills are useful in any profession, but many are specific to truck driving. These can be challenging to hone outside of this career. This article will provide truck driver tips to know what skills you need to be a truck driver. These tips will help you become a truck driver if you are interested in entering the field or help you advance your career if you are already driving trucks for a living. 

No. 1: Improve Your Focus

One skill that truck drivers need to have is a higher level of focus than most other people. It goes without saying how dangerous it is to zone out on the road. Truck drivers must stay focused for very long periods and in different situations. For example, not only do drivers need to remain focused in rush hour traffic where vehicles are merging and braking, but also during long, monotonous stretches of road. Good ways to improve your focus include brain training activities, meditation, and exercise. With tools like route optimization software, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going or getting lost, so you can focus solely on the road. If you have excellent focus behind the wheel, you’re very likely to be a safe driver and reduce your number of safety incidents on the road. 

No. 2: Communicate Clearly

It may not be immediately apparent, but all kinds of communication are involved in truck driving. You must interact with customers and managers alike, particularly about schedules and deliveries. These aspects of truck driving quickly become complicated, and if you don’t communicate clearly, they get even more difficult. If you want to avoid constant frustration with the people around you, you’ll want to hone your communication skills. If you focus on listening, being brief and concise, and writing important things down, you’ll find that communication is a lot easier. Technology such as fleet management software can also helpby consolidating communications in one place. As the experts say, communication is key in any profession, and just because truckers spend a lot of time alone doesn’t make this any less true. 

No. 3: Be Organized

Truck driving involves a lot of logging information. This not only helps your managers with what you’re doing but also helps your fleet maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. You must log information such as what your trips are for, where you traveled, when you take breaks, and maintenance information about your vehicle. If you have trouble logging this information, your managers will quickly become frustrated, and you will have to do a lot of backtracking to correct your mistakes. This wastes a lot of time and is tedious to do, so it’s better to just stay on top of your work and be organized in the first place. Use tools like eLogs to help you out. These tools automate the logging process as much as possible, making your job easy. Many jobs require an organized mind, and truck driving is no exception.

No. 4: Maintain Motivation

Unlike many jobs where people work in offices with others, truck drivers have the unique responsibility of self-motivation. When you’re alone in a truck for a large majority of the day, it can undoubtedly get lonely and tiring. After doing this day in and day out, it becomes easy to lose motivation to do it again. A truck driver has to find their own motivation to get into that truck every day, despite the challenges. Many truck drivers have found ways to make their jobs fun, such as listening to audiobooks or podcasts, collecting mementos during their trips, or even engaging in professional development along the way. Find something that makes the trip fun for you, as long as it’s not distracting and safe for driving. 

No. 5: Gather Mechanical Knowledge

Of course, no one is saying you have to be a full-on mechanic to take on a trucking job. Don’t worry — there are experts to take care of your truck. However, when minor things go wrong on the road while you’re alone, it helps if you’re able to take care of them without additional assistance. Minor issues that a quick fix can easily resolve are problems you can fix without extending your delivery time. This will impress your managers and improve your customer service. When you’re doing the best at your job, you’re sure to advance in your career. Of course, ensure you are checking your vehicles before every trip and avoid maintenance issues in the first place with fleet management software.

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