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Truck Driver Recruiting Tips

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The right team of truck drivers is the backbone of a successful fleet business. Your business has places it needs to go, and the men and women driving the truck make it all possible. No matter what industry your fleet business services, the drivers are the key element behind growing your business and servicing your customers effectively. Add to your team of drivers with these proven truck driver recruiting tips. 

Add to Your Fleet With These 4 Truck Driver Recruiting Tips

Communicate Every Step of the Way

Truck drivers, like any job seeker, are evaluating your business from the moment they research whether they’ll apply or not. Once they’ve sent in their application, it is up to your team to demonstrate clear communication on next steps and what they can expect during the application process. Distinct communication from the very beginning helps them see how your team will communicate when out on the job. During the application stage make sure to communicate expectations and your company goals so applicants can learn about your business.

It’s critical to remember that clear communication shouldn’t just be a priority when truck drivers are in the application stage. Truck drivers, and employees in general, stay at companies where they feel valued and where communication is a strength, not a weakness. 

On the other end of that coin, you don’t want drivers to feel like you’re watching their every move and micromanaging them while they are out on the job. Nothing makes people leave jobs faster than poor management or feeling like management doesn’t trust them.

Tools like fleet tracking and fleet tracking apps help communication remain intact between drivers and managers and drivers feel like they have independence behind the wheel. Apps like this help your team communicate well so clients stay informed and help with safety concerns, without hindering the drivers from doing their job.

Showcase Safety as a Top Concern

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and safe while at work. It goes without saying that the road can be a dangerous place, especially when you’re out driving for long hours. The most experienced drivers out there can still face accidents and other hazards while out on the job. When recruiting truck drivers to your fleet, emphasize your team’s steps to make safety a top priority for your whole business. 

For example, having your fleet utilize programs like a Smart DashCam helps ensure that your drivers are safe while out on the road. Emphasize to your applicants how important safety is to your company as a whole, and showcase the steps your fleet takes to prevent accidents and reward safe driving. 

The Right Tools

Investing in the right tools for your fleet business not only helps your company thrive internally, but also shows your drivers that you take their needs seriously. By providing your team with the right tools, you show that you listen to their concerns while out on the road and are willing to offload some of these concerns using cutting-edge technology. The right tools will be an assistant to your driver while they are out on the road and will be easy for them to use so they can focus on what they do best. As a company, you don’t want your drivers to worry about being on their phones all day logging information. The right software solution for them is easy-to-use and supports them without causing headaches and unnecessary stress.


It’s a competitive job market out there! Drivers are in top demand, so in many cases, when utilizing these truck driver recruiting tips, you might want to consider driver incentive programs for your fleet. By having an incentive program that you can reference during the recruiting process, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from other fleet businesses. 

Showing that you not only appreciate top-performing drivers, but that you also reward them is a huge perk. This perk helps as an incentive to those who apply and help boost driver morale at your fleet business. There are few recruiting tools as powerful as word of mouth. Truck drivers more than likely know other drivers in the business, so giving them a good experience with your fleet business and offering your current employees an incentive program turns your best employees into advocates for your company.

The good news is that fleet businesses both big and small can add incentive programs to their company with our driver rewards program. This allows fleet managers to evaluate safety scores of drivers on the team and reward those who perform well with gift cards to a variety of popular restaurants and stores. Think of it as an employee of the month award, but instead of getting a framed photo of yourself in the breakroom, you receive a gift card to popular places in your area. 

Having a Driver Rewards Program like this also further demonstrates the importance your business places on safety and the value drivers add to your fleet. This one is extra important, because after all employees stay where they are valued and rewarded.  

Other Ways to Support Your Team

Your fleet business can only go from Point A to Point B with a solid team of drivers behind the wheel. This is why recruiting talented drivers to your team is a crucial component to your fleet’s success. 

But besides having the right team behind the wheel, what else could your business do to grow and better service your fleet?

When you have an end-to-end fleet management system like Azuga helping you support your drivers, you have a powerful recruiting tool to help you find and retain top talent for your fleet. 

Ready to learn more about how Azuga can help your fleet business? We offer a variety of products to help make your fleet run effectively and boost driver morale. 

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