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Tracking Drivers in Real-Time With Fleet Management Software

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Real-time fleet tracking software is a key element to any successful fleet management software package. However, small to medium fleets may find that large telematics packages full of the latest features are too expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative that can make real-time fleet driver tracking affordable for your fleet, no matter the size.

Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators’ Story

A family business in Wilmington, NC, Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators was fond of their fleet management software. The ability to track fleet drivers in real-time allowed them to see which drivers were closest to any given location and make changes to driver routes and schedules throughout the day. It was a vital feature for the business but was costing them an arm and a leg. 

Yes, Bug-N-A-Rug needed to keep tracking their drivers in real-time but couldn’t afford to continue with the software they were using. They were stuck in multiple contracts with varying end dates and dealing with up to ten invoices each month, each with their own fees, charges, and due dates. It was an overwhelming problem that they needed to solve.

Through a lot of research, the extermination company came across Azuga Fleet. Our fully-featured fleet tracking software offers everything a fleet needs without the multi-contract confusion and at a reasonable cost. We offer affordable packages with coterminous contracts and one easy invoice for the entire fleet, no matter when you choose to add more vehicles.

We saved more than 50% by switching to Azuga. We found a solution that meets our needs of a busy pest control company, while not hurting our bottom line. Very affordable for a great set of features we need, but they are also quick in helping with account questions and making billing simple.

Stuart Flynn, General Manager
Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators

What Real-Time Fleet Tracking Can Do for You

Some fleet tracking apps do the absolute minimum, giving you exactly what you need for ELD compliance and nothing more. Azuga Fleet is different. We’ve created a system that lets you plug in whatever features you want for a streamlined dashboard that offers all your useful data at your fingertips. 

Easy Installation

Our OBDII GPS tracking devices are so simple to install that a three-year-old could probably manage it. Find the port on your vehicle and plug in the device. No technician is needed, and no downtime is required.

GPS Location Map

See every vehicle in your fleet on a single map, or zoom in to see which drivers are closest to an area of your choice. This means you’ll always know where each of your assets is. You’ll be able to send help quickly if a driver is in trouble, track stolen vehicles for fast recovery, and see vehicles by job, driver, speed, location, and even local weather conditions.

Streamlined Dispatching

Schedule jobs with ease. Assign the right team member with the needed tools and training. Send automated dispatch notifications to your drivers on the fly. Check the status and duration of ongoing jobs. And get detailed reports for easy billing later. Our software makes dispatching a snap!

Custom Reporting

Reports are no good if you can’t understand them, and wading through columns of useless data to find the details you need is inefficient. Azuga’s reporting platform lets you select the data points you want and makes them easy to understand. 

Track details relating to vehicle use, operating costs, driver performance, maintenance and repairs, and just about anything else you could want to know. Then get the actionable insights you need with free custom reporting from Azuga Fleet.

If all of this sounds like the solution you’ve been seeking, we’ll be happy to show you just how seamlessly Azuga can slot into your fleet. Schedule a demo with our team to see our GPS solution in action and start on the path to real-time tracking success.