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Installing GPS tracking devices in your fleet vehicles can ensure accountability from your workforce, improve customer experience, and help you build your bottom line - and that’s just for starters.

There are a myriad of benefits to be gleaned from using fleet tracking devices; here are some ways your business can take advantage of this technology.

1. Maximize Business Revenue

With a fleet tracking device from Azuga, you can keep tabs on company vehicles and other types of mobile equipment. 

Tracking devices provide real-time insights to fleet managers, helping analyze performance. When managing a large fleet of vehicles, communicating to a large team of dispatchers can take ages. With a GPS tracking device, you can automate certain aspects of fleet management, promoting efficiency and helping you spot opportunities to save - and increase revenue. 

A quality fleet tracking app can help you to save a lot on fuel consumption. For instance, Fleet App software from Azuga provides detailed information on driver idle time. It provides an alternative route for your drivers so that they reduce idle time sitting in traffic. This GPS tour routing software also comes with a detailed dashboard, providing useful insights on savings and road safety that can save you money over the long term.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

The more transparent your processes, the happier your customers. Tracking devices help keep your team and your clients in the know. Real-time updates give clients better insight to their deliveries and help provide more accurate arrival timelines.

With tracking devices, you can easily see where the vehicle is and how close the driver is to the delivery or pickup point. Therefore, you can notify your customers of the exact time their merchandise will arrive at the doorstep. Tracking devices come with high accuracy (less than 5 minutes), which means you can easily calculate the possible time for deliveries and keep your clients on notice.

When a customer inquires about deliveries or pickups, your customer care desk can respond by stating how far the vehicle is and how long it will take to arrive. A tracking device helps you bridge the gap between customer expectations and vehicle performance by providing real-time information to help in planning deliveries and pickups.

3. Improve Road Safety

Road safety should always come first when you have a fleet to manage. Ensuring your drivers are safe and your vehicles remain in great condition can save your business a lot on litigation and maintenance costs. Tracking devices can help you to identify any issues with your driver; for instance, you can get a report on their most followed route and speeding so that you advise accordingly.

Your drivers will know that you are monitoring their moves and therefore ensure accountability at work. This way, you can bring an end to unnecessary repairs on your fleet. When your drivers are more careful on the road, you mitigate the risk of accidents, personal injury, and equipment damages.

4. Improve Fleet Security

Your business can incur losses when you don’t keep an up to date inventory of your equipment or track them. When you install a GPS tour routing software on your vehicles, you reduce losses from theft. It is easy tracking your stolen vehicle once you install a tracking device on it.

The software provides detailed information on where your car was last seen and its current location. This makes it possible to trace your vehicle and reduce potential losses. Ideally, most thieves will always avoid hijacking or stealing your vehicle when they realize you have a tracking device installed on it.

5. Reduce Paperwork

Without a tracking device installed on your fleet, you have to keep a complete record of vehicle route, arrival times, and fuel consumption on your own. Retrieving information on paper can be quite challenging. However, when you install efficient tour tracking software on your fleet, you get all the useful insights about your vehicle all on a single dashboard. It is also easier to retrieve the information in the future for planning purposes.

You can also improve the efficiency of bookkeepers, drivers, and fleet managers in your business once you have a tracking device in your vehicle.

Best Fleet Tracking Devices for Small Businesses

There are plenty of tour routing software devices that can streamline your business operations. Azuga offers you the following tools to help you manage your fleet and take your business to the next level.

  • Azuga Fleet Mobile: Drivers can install the software mobile phone and use it to limit distraction while driving, track safety scores, and get tips on the best routes to reduce idle time.
  • SafetyCam: This tool helps you to monitor risky behaviors in drivers, such as over-speeding and overloading. 
  • Asset Tracking: Use the Asset Tracking device to protect your mobile equipment and ensure efficiency. Asset tracking devices are suitable for generators, storage containers, and other commercial equipment. 
  • ELD: You can also use the electronic log keeping device to ensure your fleet is compliant with road regulations.

Final Thoughts

Fleet management can be costly, but tracking technology can streamline operations and help your team perform efficiently. GPS tracking devices reduce idle time, track damages, mitigate theft, and improve customer experience. If you want better fleet management for a small or larger enterprise, let Azuga transform your daily processes.