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DOT Regulations for Tow Truck Drivers

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There are many regulations that tow truck fleets need to follow–they come from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) along with the Department of Transportation (DOT). You and your drivers must comply with all regulations for tow truck drivers, or you’ll find yourself saddled with fines and your vehicles potentially being taken off the road. 

Driver Qualification

What makes a driver qualified to operate a tow truck? Of course, we know any driver operating a commercial vehicle will need a CDL. They will also need to pass a drug and alcohol screening test. Fleet managers must maintain driver qualification files. Some of the information they need to keep on hand includes: 

  • Driver’s employment application, verification of personal identification, and driver’s record.
  • A copy of the driver’s CDL and any training or certificates they’ve earned.
  • Any documents regarding the driver’s safety incidents, accidents, or other issues with safety or compliance.
  • Drug and alcohol screening results from when they were hired, along with records of random tests and those given after an accident or incident. 
  • The hours of service records that the driver has accumulated. 

Licenses, Permits, and Insurance

The licenses and permits you must carry as a tow truck driver ensure the safety of your cargo, your driver, and everyone else on the road. You must also have insurance to cover your liability in the event of an accident. When it comes to licenses, permits, and insurance, you must have the following on hand: 

  • Most states have laws requiring drivers to possess a CDL, and companies to have a business license so they can operate a tow company.
  • Businesses may have to acquire permits at the local level for heavy, wide, or long loads when they’re towed on roadways or through tricky areas.
  • Tow truck companies must carry insurance on all fleet vehicles and drivers. This way, the company and the public are protected from costly damage, accidents, or property damage.

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