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The Top 5 Fleet Management Associations For 2022

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Every business has associations of professionals who get together and discuss, educate, and organize based on the industry’s wants and needs. The fleet industry is no different, with fleet management associations that provide various services, including allowing you to promote your business and grow along with others in your community. Businesses need to be involved in their communities, not only so you know what is going on, but also so you can be involved in changes and movements that take place within your space and that affect you. You don’t want to be left behind. Find out what fleet associations are best for you and your business, and join them today! 

  1. Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association

This association is a forum created to improve communication between everyone involved in the fleet industry. It has been around since 1969, bringing together members from industry segments including: 

  • Fleet managers and buyers
  • Auto manufacturers and dealers
  • Remarketers
  • Fleet leasing
  • Management
  • Maintenance and repair companies
  • Safety, transporting, upfitting, and other suppliers

Their mission is as follows: “to provide the advanced forum for corporate fleet professionals to network with industry leaders.” 

  1. NAFA Fleet Management Association

NAFA’s mission is the following: “NAFA propels the fleet and mobility profession through its world-class certification, education, advocacy, and peer-networking programs, and is an essential element of success for individuals involved in the profession.” It is often considered to be the best association for fleet professionals. 

They promote the core values of integrity, leadership, and community among the fleet industry and thrive to provide advocacy, community, and professional development for their members. 

  1. Municipal Fleet Managers Association

The Municipal Fleet Managers Association is for fleet managers involved in a government-related role, whether on a national, regional, or local scale. They have been serving their communities since 1980 and became a non-profit organization in 1993. According to their site, “Our intent is to promote cost effective fleet management policies, procedures and techniques among our members through technical and managerial education and training.” 

  1. Public Fleet Managers Association

The Public Fleet Managers Association (PFMA) is for governmental fleet managers as well. They started in 1993 to provide networking, assistance, and training to fleet managers. According to their website, the association aims to help public fleet managers do the following: 

  • Provide excellent service to our customers
  • Know our costs
  • Be competitive
  • Recognize and educate the amazing staff that helps us to manage the public fleets of our agencies.

This association has over 100 member organizations across many different public industries and states. 

  1. FleetPros

FleetPros was founded in 1976 to support fleet professionals through education, networking, and resources. FleetPros says the following of themselves: “We promote open exchanges of information on experiences, ideas, and methods. FleetPros actively works to ensure that appropriate educational programs are available to fleet professionals.” They run the annual FleetCon in Texas, where fleet professionals can network and learn about new fleet technologies and ideas. 

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