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What States Have the Best Infrastructure?

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Many people, even fleet managers, rarely think about infrastructure policies or changes with much importance. However, infrastructure affects fleets every single day. Poor infrastructure can be a reason for increased traffic congestion. An aging bridge can pose a danger to your fleet drivers, especially if they are driving heavy trucks. Let’s explore which states have the best infrastructure and what they do right. 

How Are the Top State Measured?

The government keeps data on our different states and cities concerning infrastructure. They track how many bridges need maintenance, the average commute to work, and much more. With this data, we can rank each state based on how well they maintain their roads, tunnels, and bridges. 

Top 10 States with the Best Infrastructure

Let’s break down the list now. This data comes from CNBC.  

10. Utah: Only 2.9 percent of Utah’s bridges need improvement. The average commute to work is 21.6 minutes. That is four minutes less than the U.S. average of 25.7 minutes. 

9. Nevada (tie): Nevada has fewer deficient bridges than Utah — about 1.6 percent. However, the average commute time is longer, averaging about 24.1 minutes. 

8. Florida (tie): Florida has 2.1% deficient bridges and a commute time of 27.4 minutes. This statistic averages out to the same score as Utah and Nevada.

7. Kentucky: Kentucky has one of the best-maintained road systems in the country. While they have 7.8% deficient bridges, the commute time is low at 23.3 minutes. 

6. Minnesota: Minnesota has 5.3% deficient bridges and an average commute to work of 23.5 minutes. Infrastructure improvements began in 2013 and continue to this day. 

5. Tennessee: Tennessee has only 4.7% deficient bridges and an average commute of about 25.1 minutes. They overhauled their tax system, focusing on infrastructure to make this possible. 

4. Ohio: In Ohio, it takes 23.4 minutes to get to work, with about 6% of bridges termed deficient. A highlight of Ohio is its extensive rail network. 

3. Georgia: Georgia has one of the most expansive airports in the country. This is a solid start to their infrastructure system. Only 4.7% of their bridges are deficient, and the average commute is 28.5 minutes. 

2. Indiana: Indiana’s Indiana Toll Road is one of the best-maintained roads in the nation. They have 7.4% deficient bridges and an average commute of 23.6 minutes. 

1. Texas: Texas handles more cargo than any other state. Therefore, they focus a lot on infrastructure. Only 1.6% of their bridges are defective, and the average commute to work is 26.5 minutes. 

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