Scheduled Maintenance

Tips for Managing Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Schedules

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Managing fleet vehicles’ maintenance requirements is a vital part of fleet management that only gets more complicated the more vehicles a fleet has. Fleet managers have so much to keep track of, and fleet maintenance can quickly become overwhelming if not carefully managed and adequately automated. In the days of paper and pen, it was nearly impossible to efficiently address the care needs of an enterprise fleet’s vehicles, and safety often suffered. That’s why fleet managers take advantage of the technology available to make tracking fleet maintenance manageable and straightforward. This article will break down some tips to make enterprise fleet maintenance management easier. 

Why is Fleet Maintenance Important?

Vehicle maintenance is a necessity in preserving a fleet’s safety and reputation in the community. Of course, safety is any fleet manager’s top priority, but there are other advantages to keeping vehicles maintained as well. Breakdowns are costly and cause significant slowdowns to production. Preventative maintenance can keep repairs small, so serious malfunctions and breaks never happen. This keeps fleets efficient and functional. 

Furthermore, regular maintenance is necessary for complying with federal regulations, preventing hefty fines or vehicles being put out of commission for noncompliance. There are no good reasons not to keep up with a vehicle’s maintenance, and these tips will help ensure that any fleet can enjoy these benefits. 

  1. Set Up Scheduled Maintenance. 

As mentioned previously, the days of paper and pen are over. Fleets can now automate routine maintenance checkups to keep the process simple. Juggling hundreds of vehicles’ schedules is nearly impossible, so let your fleet management software do it for you. Scheduled maintenance allows you to rest easy knowing that all of your vehicles receive the care they need when they need it. 

You can also set up alerts and reminders for any other routine services as they become necessary, based on real vehicle conditions such as engine hours or mileage. Nothing slips under the radar with optimal fleet management software, which we will break down further. 

  1. Fully Utilize Your Fleet Management Software.

Fleet management software like Azuga offers you a comprehensive look at all of your fleet’s maintenance needs. The maintenance dashboard shows the vehicles that need attention and those that are overdue, all at a glance. At the same time, you can view each vehicle’s service records and receipts, so it’s easy to know where your spending is going and when a vehicle may be costing more than it’s worth. The technology is there so that you never have to guess when it comes to the status of your vehicles. Take advantage of it and always be informed so your fleet remains safe and productive. 

  1. Track Vehicle Usage

One of the other benefits of modern technology is tracking vehicles wherever they are and obtaining metrics on fuel usage, engine status, and more. Telematics can tell you much about how a vehicle is used, which can help you make decisions about its maintenance needs. 

The most crucial step is to ensure that all vehicles are being used for authorized purposes only. Unauthorized vehicle use can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle, costing you extra money and eating into your profits. But other driver behaviors such as speeding and idling can also damage a vehicle faster than is strictly necessary. Keep an eye on these behaviors to make sure you get the most use out of your vehicles for as long as you can. 

  1. Spec Vehicles Properly

You should know before you purchase a vehicle what it will be used for and equip it for that purpose. If you have the wrong vehicle carrying out the wrong task, it can lead to less efficiency and faster wear and tear that will cost you more money down the line. Always evaluate what tasks your vehicle will need to carry out and what its operating conditions will be before you send it out on the road. Data from fleet management software can assist in making these decisions. Useful reports that show problems in previous vehicles and needs for current ones can aid you when deciding to make a purchase that will not incur maintenance costs down the line. 

Check Out Azuga for the Latest Technologies

Azuga is a leader in fleet technology for businesses of all sizes. Fleet management software will go a long way in managing maintenance needs and tracking vehicle usage to make better decisions about vehicle care. To keep your fleet safe, effective, and smart, check out Azuga’s fleet management software today. Your fleet will appreciate it, and your savings will speak for themselves.