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How Telematics Improves the ROI of Your Fleet

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Telematics is an essential technology for all aspects of fleet management. It tracks all kinds of data about your vehicles, including location, status, whether they’re idling, on the move or off, engine health, other maintenance concerns, and anything else you could think of to know about your vehicle. With all of this information, you can significantly improve the ROI of your fleet. In this article, we will discuss how that’s possible. 

Safety and Compliance

Telematics can dramatically improve your fleet’s safety procedures. It can monitor good driving behavior and allow you to implement a hands-on approach to driver safety. With Azuga’s fleet management software, you can track driver behavior and assign safety scores to drivers based on their performance. Our rewards system allows you to reward the best performers and provide coaching to those who need help. Accidents can cost your fleet a significant amount of money–check out our blog article “The True Cost of a Fleet Accident”–so you can ensure your fleet is operated by the safest drivers and save money at the same time. 

Dispatch Efficiency

Your dispatching process needs to operate efficiently to ensure you get the most out of your business. Vehicle tracking is the key technology to get your dispatching process streamlined and under control. Knowing where your vehicles are makes the process much more manageable. You can dispatch to new jobs based on who’s closest, and you can easily tell when a job is taking longer than expected and check in. What’s more, route optimization software can help get your drivers to their destinations faster and more efficiently, saving you money by being more fuel efficient. 

Gathering Data

You can’t improve your business without a baseline for where you are. Telematics gives you the data you need to create this baseline. Once you’ve gathered this data, Azuga can create reports that help you detect patterns. Maybe you’ll notice that certain vehicles in your fleet idle more than others. You may also realize that you are wasting more fuel than you expected. You might even recognize driver behavior problems that are more significant than you thought. Putting this data together will bring information to light that will help you make informed decisions about your fleet to find the best ways to save money for your business. 

Save Money with Azuga

At Azuga, we know what it takes to run a fleet. Our comprehensive fleet management solution covers all aspects of fleet management, from safety to maintenance to compliance and more. With Azuga, you know you’re operating at top efficiency, so saving money comes easy. Learn more about how you can improve your fleet’s ROI by trying a demo with one of our experts!