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Telematics and Fleet Dashcams: A Host of Savings

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Telematics offers fleets actionable data about vehicle use, maintenance, driver behaviors, and so much more. Fleet dash cam technology provides the ability to see what is happening inside and outside of each vehicle at the most crucial moments. When you combine these technologies in a robust fleet management system, they offer a great deal of savings for your fleet.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance is all about risk assessment. When technologies emerge that can help lower risks, insurers often incentivize their use with lower insurance premiums. Talk with your fleet’s insurance company and find out if there are any savings available for fleets that use telematics programs or dash cam technology. You may find that a discount is as easy as asking the question.

If not, all is not lost. A robust telematics program can help you lower risks to your fleet by improving the safety of your drivers. Use the data provided by this technology to coach drivers and advance a culture of safety across your fleet. Then provide your insurance company with reports showing the improvements in actual data they can quantify. You might be surprised how easy it is to negotiate a lower premium when you have data to back you up.

Fighting Fraud

Fraud is rampant across almost every industry. Fleet companies are often targets of staged accidents or cash-for-crash schemes. In these fraudulent plots, bad actors intentionally cause accidents to benefit from large insurance payouts. 

When you combine telematics technology and dual-facing dashboard cameras, you can prevent your fleet from falling victim to these scams. When a fraudster targets one of your drivers, you’ll have hard data about the driver’s behaviors, including their speed, braking habits, and more. You’ll also have video footage of what happened immediately before impact, making it a simple task to determine who was at fault.

Lower Fuel Consumption

Telematics data helps you identify instances of speeding, excessive idling, and unauthorized vehicle use. These behaviors are eating into your bottom line, whether you know it or not because each of them wastes fuel. 

With a good telematics program, you’ll get reports that pinpoint which drivers are exhibiting these fuel-wasting behaviors, and in what contexts. You can then use dash cam footage to see exactly what’s happening when these behaviors occur, and use the information to address fuel waste with your drivers. The end result? You reduce fuel consumption, saving money and the environment at the same time. 

Prevent Theft and Aide Recovery

Anyone who runs a fleet for any length of time eventually has to deal with vehicle theft. When a fleet vehicle is stolen, it creates no end of headaches for the fleet management team. It can also cost a small fortune, even if the vehicle is eventually recovered. Just as security cameras in shops and businesses are a wonderful deterrent to theft, dashboard cameras make your vehicles less likely to be targeted by thieves. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Only about one out of every five stolen vehicles is ever recovered. Of those, about a third come back with significant damage and it takes an average of 11 days to get them back at all. That’s 11 days of lost revenue and productivity, plus the cost of repairing any damage, if the vehicle comes back at all. Fortunately, with GPS-based telematics data and a dash cam that shows you the face of the thief, vehicle recovery is far easier. 

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If your fleet wants to save money on insurance premiums, fraud, theft, and fuel spending, you really can’t go wrong with a fully-featured telematics and dash cam combo. Azuga offers industry-leading options for both, along with plenty of other money-saving products and services for fleets of all sizes. See what savings your fleet can expect with our ROI calculator, then contact Azuga for more information about all the ways we can help.