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How to Use Field Service Management Software to Manage Subcontractors

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If subcontractor management is a part of your job as a fleet manager, you may find it challenging. Subcontractors aren’t a regular part of your fleet and don’t always work under the same systems and rules. However, subcontractors are critical to fleet operations when you don’t have anyone available. If you want to get new customers even during busy times, then subcontractors become a necessity. But how can you easily manage them when they aren’t a part of your fleet system? Field service management software makes this possible. We will explain how to use field service management software to manage your subcontractors below. 

Import Subcontractors Into FSM Software

It can be challenging to onboard a subcontractor if you don’t have a system ready for them. There’s so much information to keep track of, and you need to update it consistently as you work with the subcontractor. That’s why it’s so much easier when you can simply import your subcontractor’s information into your field service management system. You can include information like their rates, so once you’ve added several, you have a database of subcontractors you can sift through whenever you need one. Furthermore, it’s so much easier to dispatch them and manage them through field service management software. 

Track Job Management

Of course, you want to keep all of your subcontractors organized just like your regular fleet technicians. Once your subcontractors are in your field service management system, this is a lot easier. You can dispatch, assign jobs, and get updates the same way you do with your regular technicians, and it’s much easier to keep everyone on track. 

Provide Tool and System Access

Your subcontractors should have access to everything that your regular field technicians can access. This includes mobile apps and any other tools your technicians use. This way, you have everyone running on the same system, and it’s easier for you to do your job. Trying to manage subcontractors manually and your technicians digitally makes your job way harder than it needs to be, so take advantage of your field service management software and let your subcontractors use it. 

Pay Subcontractors

Field service management software integrates with your accounting software to ensure that all of your finances are in order and your subcontractors can get paid on time. This ensures that you maintain a positive relationship with them and can work with them in the future with no issues. Review your work orders, invoices, and create payment vouchers with QuickBooks integration. 

Get Started with Field Service Management Software Today

If you’re working with subcontractors, you should be taking advantage of field service management software. For these reasons and more, it makes fleet management so much easier and helps you streamline your day-to-day operations. See for yourself what field service management software can do with a free demo on our website.