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Top 5 Fuel Cards for Small Fleets

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Fuel is a significant part of any fleet’s budget, so naturally, businesses are always looking for a way to cut down on costs. One way that fleet managers do this is through fleet management software. This software helps managers track behaviors such as idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration, leading to wasted fuel. Fleet tracking also easily finds unauthorized vehicle use and allows managers to nip that in the bud. However, there is one more way that fleets save on fuel costs, and that is with fuel cards. 

Like credit cards, these cards offer benefits related to fuel purchases, such as discounts and pricing deals. The cards often come equipped with apps that allow managers to track spending at gas stations. With all of the different fuel card options available, selecting the right one for your fleet can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you find the best small fleet fuel card for your business. 


The best benefit of WEX is that it is one of the most widely accepted fuel cards within the US, used at 95% of US gas stations. Another benefit of WEX that some other fuel cards don’t offer is a mobile app so that you can access all of the information you need on the go at any time. Within either the app or the online portal, you can access online reports that detail your vehicles’ fuel use and spending, helping you make decisions to lower your fuel costs even further. Not only does WEX offer discounts on fuel, but also hotels and other items that you need to make your fleet succeed. 

2. EFS

Electric Funds Source, also known as EFS, is a fleet fuel card focused on trucking. There are three different card options to choose from depending on your business. Their Fleet One EDGE card is designed for small fleets of up to 25 trucks and offers additional benefits such as tire discounts. It also gives you the ability to track and control non-fuel purchases, so you can ensure all of your funds are going where you expect them to. Allowing you to set purchase limits in real-time furthers this control. EFS is accepted at up to 3,600 locations on a standard card and 16,000 locations on their Mastercard, making them another widespread fuel card choice. 


ARCO is another fleet card that gives you a fair amount of tracking options to ensure your fleet is spending wisely. This is a sound choice if your fleet visits many ARCO stations on their routes, as with the fleet card version, the rewards only apply at ARCO stations. There are about 1,500 ARCO stations nationwide, mainly in the Southwest. If your fleet does not visit many ARCO stations, consider the Mastercard version of the card. It can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which applies to most gas stations nationwide. Instead of providing outright discounts, the ARCO card offers bonus points and rewards each time you purchase gas using their card.

4. Pilot

Pilot’s fleet card is a bit different from other fleet cards because instead of offering discounts per gallon, it offers 3% cashback and flexible payment terms depending on your company’s needs. This can be useful so your fleet can use its fuel savings on other business requirements. Some locations even offer additional loyalty points. With this card, you can obtain special discounts on truck maintenance that other cards don’t provide. The only drawback to this card is that it mainly works at Pilot, Flying J, and One9 stations within the US and Canada. This means it has limited use in certain areas, so check your vehicles’ routes before selecting this card.

5. Multi Service

This is another fuel card that is different than others on this list. Instead of offering the same discounts to all fleets, the Multi Service fuel card negotiates discounts based on how safely your fleet drives. Therefore, you will need to contact the company and ask about your business’s potential savings. This means, however, that if your fleet has safe drivers and safety equipment installed, you are more likely to get higher discounts than you might get with other fuel cards. It is also compatible with most trucking software, making it easy to use regardless of your business's technology. The Multi Service card is an excellent choice for safe fleets. 


With a multitude of fuel card options available to small fleets, it’s vital to consider both the financial and reporting benefits when considering all of the different options. Of course, it’s also crucial to use fleet management software to save on fuel usage in the first place before the discounts even apply.