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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Azuga

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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Azuga

Azuga has been servicing the community since 2013 with industry-leading technology and information that helps fleets stay up to date and informed on the latest policies, innovations, and trends in the fleet world. Our offices all over the planet help businesses, both large and small, flourish in the competitive market by providing hands-on support to make fleets more efficient and save them money. Customers have enjoyed Azuga’s services for years, and their businesses have growth and success to show for it. Find out what customers are saying in these Azuga reviews and testimonials. 


Azuga’s number one feature is its fleet tracking software that is simple to use for small businesses and enterprise companies. The hardware is easy to install, and the software tracks in real-time, so fleets get up-to-date and accurate location information on all of their vehicles. These Azuga GPS reviews show what customers think of Azuga’s GPS features. 

“Easier to Evaluate” 

"Before Azuga we were only able to put GPS solutions in 30 percent of our vehicles, as it simply wasn’t affordable to deploy GPS across the fleet. This made it really hard to judge the overall performance of our fleet. Now, we have Azuga installed across the fleet and are better able to evaluate fleet performance using geofencing, safety alerts, scheduled maintenance and more."

Corix saved a total of $100,000 in installation and un-installation costs from its earlier vendor, and experienced an increase in productivity among its drivers. 

“Keeps our Technicians Honest” 

“I love that when a customer calls in to find out where a technician is, I can let them know easily. I love that when a customer says our technician hasn't stopped by, I'm able to pull up their history and show that they were at the address for however long at whatever time. I love that it keeps our technicians honest, as we have them spread over the country and we are able to verify that they are up and moving at the time they are supposed to be.”

“Azuga Made it a No-Brainer”

"GPS vehicle tracking technology has been around for a long time. Every time we looked at it we were faced with expensive hardware and software costs, inaccurate data on idling and fuel consumption, painful installation scheduling, and lengthy contracts. Azuga made it a no-brainer. At just 70 cents per vehicle per day, Azuga helps save money from day one."


Harnessing telematics to keep drivers safe is an integral part of any fleet management software or fleet manager’s job, and Azuga is here to help. Driving safely not only protects drivers, but it keeps fleets more efficient and saves businesses money, so it is crucial for the business as a whole. Find out from these Azuga telematics reviews how Azuga keeps fleets safe. 

Reduced Accident Rates by 89%

"It is the easiest, most intuitive system I have used to date. Everything that I need is a click away, and every month or so, Azuga comes out with innovative features that make their platform an even better bang for the buck."

After installing Azuga Drivesafe, California UMI reduced their accident rates by 89%, and have not experienced an at-fault accident. 

“Gives Peace of Mind”

“Azuga Fleet helps to give an overview on the safety of a fleet. It helps give peace of mind to the company and really helps drill down on where the focus needs to be to encourage safer driving practices.”

“Improved Safety of our Clients”

“With Azuga, we completely reversed our situation. Now we not only talk about safe driving but also document it. That has made a difference and resulted in improved safety of our clients and lower insurance costs for us. We like to consider it as a win-win situation.”

  • Gordon Raley, CEO, Family Service Foundation

The Family Service Foundation has reduced their incidents of speeding to almost zero since installing Azuga Speedsafe. 


Fleet managers have a lot to juggle, and it can be hard to keep track of it all. That’s why Azuga’s fleet management software comes equipped with alerts that help to keep track of maintenance appointments, vehicle needs, and other reminders that may otherwise slip the manager’s busy mind. Managers also get alerts for driver behavior, such as speeding or aggressive driving, so they can take action to keep their drivers safe. Both of these types of alerts keep fleet managers on top of their fleets and help the business run smoothly. Customers are raving about these alerts in their reviews. 

“We Are Now Much More Proactive”

“Azuga’s reminders have been a game changer. We are now much more proactive than reactive when it comes to our vehicle performance, such as oil changes and battery deterioration.”

  • Megan Kroll, Fleet Manager, HomeWorks Plumbing, Heating & Air

“Azuga Meets our Needs!” 

“We are television broadcasters with a large news fleet. With Azuga we can monitor where our reporters are located to enable quick dispatching of staff when news breaks. The alerts keep us notified when driving exceptions occur and we can better manage our staff and fleet when we know what is happening.” 

“It’s a No-Brainer”

"I like the Azuga service reminders because our vehicles do so much delivery that we tend to forget about services. With the email reminders, it’s been fantastic. It’s a no-brainer."


Customers love all of Azuga’s many features. There are so many features to choose from, and there are so many benefits for fleets to enjoy! Read more about what customers think of Azuga on our testimonials page. Find out more about our many services by reaching out to a representative today. Azuga’s customer service is top-notch!