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Say Goodbye to Punishing GPS Contracts

July 10, 2018

Fleet GPS Tracking has been around for 15 years and customers have gained a lot of experience in buying, comparing and extracting more from their fleet tracking solutions.

But as recently as a few years ago, a customer would get into a 5-year contract with their GPS tracking provider. Long-term contracts usually led to complacency on the provider’s part and a lowering of service standards. Customers have seen enough and have had enough of this.

Customers also realized there was a flipside to the monthly fee that didn’t require a down payment for the device. Providers chose this strategy to encourage adoption, so the customer didn’t have to pay at once for all the devices that were fitted into the fleet. As the terms began to change, the shapes of the contract too changed; often, the customer was only worse off in the end.



Customers are by now able to estimate the hardware component of the overall cost and so these can’t be tucked away in the folds of the contract. Other fine print conditions also had restricted the customer’s flexibility and choices.

The barriers to switching providers are today much lower. With the advent of over-the-air programming, adding new vehicles has become a much-simplified procedure. At the same time, a tracking contract can prove beneficial for both sides. It can help the provider deliver better service while the customer doesn’t get locked in.

The checkpoints for a decent contract:

Finally, this isn’t just about the contract, it’s about the next-generation of technology. The tangled web of Black Box GPS will not feed you insurance discounts (seen the Progressive commercial ?) and other goodies from the oil changers and maintenance folks who all want your business….and are willing to give you a great price. In fact, there are predictions out there that Fleet GPS will be net zero cost to you by 2020. Choose next-generation technology.