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Best Route Optimization Software Features for Fleet Drivers

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Route optimization software is one of the best tools fleet managers have in their toolbox, but how does it affect fleet drivers? Fleet drivers have a lot of challenges on their plate, and anything that makes their jobs easier is certainly something worth considering. The best route optimization software can make their jobs safer, simpler, and more efficient, ensuring that they can do their best and feel their best every day. What are the best route optimization features that help drivers in their everyday jobs? We will discuss those features in this article. 

How Does Route Optimization Software Work? 

There are many types of route optimization. The three types of route optimization in use today include: 

  • Static Routing: route planners only change their drivers’ routes annually or semi-annually. This method is typically only used for long-haul fleets.
  • Dynamic Routing: This method accounts for changes day-to-day. Planners change routes daily and can change drivers’ routes until the truck is loaded. 
  • Real-Time Dynamic Routing: This is the most up-to-date routing method. Dispatchers can change a driver’s route at any time while they’re on the road as jobs come in or traffic patterns change. It is the most efficient route optimization method. 

The best route optimization tools use real-time dynamic routing, which are the features we will discuss in this article. 

Top Three Features of Route Optimization for Fleet Drivers

The best route optimization apps have various features that make life easier for fleet managers and fleet drivers. This article will discuss the features that affect fleet drivers specifically. 

No. 1: Real-Time Updates

As we mentioned, real-time dynamic routing is the most effective method for route planning. Route optimization software that uses real-time dynamic routing can update at any time throughout the day, minimizing any delays that your drivers may face. This dramatically minimizes issues like traffic jams, construction zones, and even school zones and rush hour traffic. Whenever a new job comes in, dispatchers can easily integrate that job into your driver’s route in the most efficient way possible. Similarly, when a client cancels, the driver doesn’t have to worry about showing up anyway because they didn’t get the update. Their map is automatically updated to reflect the change. Real-time updates are critical to keeping your drivers on the move, and they significantly reduce the frustration that they may feel throughout the day. 

No. 2: Sharing Routes

Another source of frustration throughout the day for drivers can be a struggle to communicate with customers or fleet managers. Route optimization can ease a tremendous amount of that burden by allowing drivers and fleet managers to share routes. Drivers shouldn’t have to constantly update their managers to tell them where they are. Not only is it is unsafe for drivers to be using their phones while they are driving, but it’s simply tedious and a waste of time. With route optimization software, fleet managers can track where their drivers are on their app and trust that they know where to go because the app guides the way. 

Route planning software also makes it easier for drivers to communicate with their customers because it can alert customers when the driver is nearby. This way, the customer won’t be calling the driver or the fleet manager for updates. Even better, the customer will be prepared when the driver arrives, and the job will go far more smoothly. 

No. 3: Harnessing Historical Data

Route optimization uses a variety of data to create routes for your drivers. Most importantly, perhaps, is the historical data that it uses. For example, it can gather information regarding traffic at a particular time of day and help drivers plan for rush hour traffic, school zones, or regular events. This is another feature that lessens drivers’ time sitting in traffic, which is a lot of drivers’ least favorite part of the job. 

Another feature is remembering customers’ preferred time slots or availability. When customers are happy, they form a better relationship with your drivers and are more likely to become repeat customers. A positive relationship between your drivers and your customers is great for both the drivers and the business!

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