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How Route Optimization Apps Can Help Your Fleet

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Route optimization apps are critical to the modern fleet’s day-to-day operations because they help businesses save money, improve their reputations, and work more efficiently. Without these apps’ many features, it is far more challenging for fleets to complete their everyday tasks. Route optimization is the process of selecting the most efficient route to your driver’s destination, including each stop they may need along the way. Efficiency, in this case, refers to the route that uses the least amount of time and the least amount of fuel. Route optimization software or route optimization apps harness algorithms, machine learning, and historical data to complete this task for you. You may be surprised at how many features and benefits a route optimization app includes. Many fleets are using them today, and if you’re not using them yourself, you may find yourself left behind the competition. This article will discuss what a route optimization app is, how you can use it, and what features it includes. 

How Does a Route Optimization App Work? 

As mentioned, route optimization apps use technology to create routes that use the least amount of time and fuel to get you to your destination, with all of the necessary stops along the way. The best route optimization apps work in real-time, allowing you to engage in dynamic route planning. This means your route is updated throughout the day as new jobs come in, are canceled, or even as traffic conditions change. The route optimization app takes information from machine learning and satellite data along with your fleet management software, accounting for all of your fleet’s needs. This way, your drivers aren’t showing up for canceled jobs and missing out on jobs that were added later in the day. This feature allows your fleet to be more flexible and take on more jobs. 

Your drivers will access their route optimization app on their smart devices. From there, they can view added jobs and a map to their destination. This map will guide them step by step where they need to go, so they don’t need to worry about wasting time getting lost or ending up at the wrong place. 

You can access the route planning software from wherever you choose. Your updates will go straight to the driver’s smart device in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about reaching out to them to keep them updated. Communication is far easier with route planning software. 

Features of a Route Optimization App

Route optimization apps have many features that come in handy for fleets of all shapes and sizes. The main goal of a route optimization app is to improve a fleet’s efficiency and productivity, and these features help the app meet that goal. 

Adding Multiple Stops

Without the ability to add multiple stops, route optimization software would be useless to many fleets. This feature is necessary for delivery fleets and fleets offering services to many different people throughout the day. It is immensely critical for fleets to have this feature when they have many stops with deadlines throughout the day. Not meeting these deadlines can be catastrophic to a business’s reputation and future customers, so ensuring that you’re always on time is a considerable benefit of route optimization apps. 

Adjust Routes Throughout the Day

The whole point of dynamic routing is that you can update your fleet’s routes throughout the day. Without this feature, your process would be outdated and inefficient. Updating your routes whenever needed ensures that you can account for new jobs and avoid delays that may pop up throughout the day. Not to mention, because everything is communicated through the app, it’s easy to relay these updates to your drivers without having to call them and put them in danger while they’re on the road. 

Integrate Customer Information 

When your route optimization software connects to your fleet management software, you can bring over customer information that may be useful to your fleet’s routing. For example, you can input customer preferences as to when they prefer to be visited. Furthermore, the system automatically contacts them when your driver is near. Again, this prevents drivers from needing to make unnecessary phone calls while they’re on the road. 

Navigate with Ease

Navigating can be one of the most significant challenges that drivers face, and it can be one of the greatest time-wasters if done wrong. Take the guesswork out of the equation with a route optimization app. Your driver’s app will tell them exactly where to go with a detailed map and step-by-step directions, so they never have to worry about becoming lost again. This ensures that your drivers always arrive ready and on time at their destinations. 

Benefits of Route Optimization Apps

We’ve already mentioned several benefits of route optimization apps, but we would like to summarize and discuss a few more benefits we haven’t discussed yet. 

  • Improved customer relations: Route optimization apps ensure that your drivers always arrive at their destinations on time. This ensures that your customers are always satisfied with their experience and will spread the word about your company’s excellent service. 
  • Optimize use of vehicles: You want to ensure that you’re using the correct number of vehicles for the work that you have. Route optimization apps help you optimize the vehicles you have for the jobs you need to complete, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your vehicles.
  • Increase shipment capacity: When you’re using all of your vehicles at their optimal efficiency, you may even be able to increase the number of shipments that go out if you’re a delivery fleet or jobs that get done if you’re a service fleet. 
  • Reduced insurance costs: Fleets that use route optimization apps are often considered safer by insurance providers, who will offer insurance discounts for utilizing these apps. 
  • Reduced maintenance costs: When your drivers aren’t spending as much time lost or sitting in traffic, they inflict less wear and tear on their vehicles, meaning that you can lower maintenance costs with route optimization apps. 
  • Reduced fuel costs: Not only does spending less time driving around lost or stuck in traffic reduce your maintenance costs, but it also reduces your fuel costs. Fuel costs are one of a fleet’s highest spending points, so any savings here are a huge bonus. 

Get the Best Route Optimization App

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