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Revolutionary Tech to Reduce Fleet Emissions

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National Clean Air Month is a great time to examine your fleet and evaluate your carbon footprint. Fleets are some of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions on this planet. That means that we are more responsible than anyone for looking for ways to reduce our impact. Luckily, technology is on our side when it comes to fleet emissions reduction. Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, has come a long way in recent years. Let’s explore some revolutionary technology that can turn your business into an eco-friendly fleet.  

Remote Vehicle Inspections

We are all familiar with the process when a vehicle is damaged. The vehicle must go to a repair facility, which can quickly become a long, drawn-out process. You’ll often need an estimate and ensure parts are in stock. Hopefully, that’s all the steps you need to take, but there could be more. If your vehicle is still driveable, you might have to take it to the repair location multiple times.

Taking these trips back and forth wastes fuel and miles. However, maintaining your vehicles is critical to ensuring they operate at their highest efficiency. How can you cut down on emissions when your vehicles need repairs?

This is where remote inspections come in. Remote inspections can serve for all kinds of inspections that you might need, including those for insurance, license plate renewals, or when you might need to sell your vehicle. This can cut down on the back-and-forth time you spend going to your repair shop and significantly reduce emissions. 

Route Planning Software

You’ve likely already heard of route planning software. This software uses algorithms, machine learning, and AI to create the most efficient route to each destination throughout the day. Efficiency means limiting the number of miles used and the time taken. This is a day-to-day benefit for your fleet that will reduce your emissions and get your fleet where they need to be faster. 

Tracking Driver Behavior

You may be surprised to learn how large of an impact driver behavior can have on emissions. Two primary culprits contribute: idling and speeding. Every two minutes your drivers spend idling, your vehicle could have traveled a whole mile. Meanwhile, speeding wastes more gas than you might think. U.S. News reports: “At 60, a typical four-cylinder car might average about 30 mpg; at 80, it could fall to about 20 mpg.” So how can you cut down on this behavior?

Fleet management software can help you track driver behavior and get alerts when specific actions fall outside your specifications. Be sure to set a clear fleet policy on idling and speeding. You can program this into your fleet management system. Then, when your drivers idle for too long or speed above your set limit, you will receive an alert so you can take corrective action. Cutting off the problem before it happens will significantly reduce your fleet’s emissions. 

Azuga Helps You Lower Emissions

Azuga’s fleet management system features technology that helps you accomplish your fleet goals no matter what they might be. We can make your fleet safer, more efficient, and, yes, more sustainable as well. To learn what we can accomplish together, reach out to one of our experts for a demo today.

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