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How Reporting Can Improve Your Fleet Operations

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Data is your best friend when you’re operating a fleet. The more data you can track, and the more accurate it is, the more informed your decisions will be. When you make decisions with accurate data, you promote efficiency, accuracy, safety, and cost savings for your business. You can track fleet data across all aspects of fleet management, from where vehicles are to what assets your company has on hand to your driver and vehicle safety. Let’s discuss how you can use this fleet reporting to improve your business’s operations. 

Track Fuel Use and Spending

Fuel can be a fleet’s biggest spender. However, it’s easy to lose track of how much fuel you’re using and how much you’re spending on it if you’re not careful. With technology like telematics, you can track a driver’s speed and idle time, then your fleet management software can generate a report that tells you how much fuel these activities are wasting overall. For every five miles per hour that your drivers speed over 50 miles per hour, you end up paying an additional $0.20 per gallon of gas. Similarly, for every hour your drivers spend idling, a truck wastes about 0.8 gallons of fuel. This may not sound like very much but think of all the time your drivers might be letting their trucks idle. So these reports can quickly help you nail down how much fuel you’re wasting and easily help you limit your spending. 

Keep Drivers and Vehicles Safe

Drivers and vehicles are vital to your business, and of course, you want to keep them safe from harm. You likely know of many technologies that help keep drivers safe, such as dash cams and safety alerts. We’ve already mentioned telematics, a great tool to keep your drivers safe. Telematics tracks data like hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and swerving and reports back to you in real-time. With these alerts, you can contact the driver to check if they can continue on their route safely. Avoiding an accident can save a fleet thousands of dollars in repairs and lost time. It is vital to ensure the continued productivity of the business, along with its reputation. 

Then, you can generate safety data on your drivers to determine how they perform. Programs like Azuga’s driver rewards track data from drivers’ behavior on the roads and reward good drivers for their positive behaviors. You set a rewards budget, and Azuga does the rest! This program encourages high morale among drivers, along with safe driving habits. These reports help you accomplish the utmost levels of safety among your fleet. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

Telematics is good for more than just tracking safety data. When you need to track the status of your vehicles, telematics is there for you too. Telematics and fleet management software can tell you when your vehicle has issues that must be addressed. Breakdowns are a costly and time-consuming problem that you’ll want to avoid. That’s why fleet maintenance data reports help you conduct preventative maintenance, with maintenance alerts that help you along the way. 

Reports on vehicle maintenance over time also help you better handle vehicle issues. For example, if the same part repeatedly needs maintenance, you can decide if that part needs replacing. Furthermore, you can even determine if there are problems with driver behavior based on maintenance issues that arise. Maintenance data helps your fleet in various ways, so it is certainly something to track. 

Start Gathering Data Today!

If you want to get the most out of your fleet, start tracking information today! Azuga works with fleets of all shapes and sizes, so our fleet reporting is tailored to your fleet needs. We offer all kinds of data reporting, as well as custom reports as needed. Reach out to one of our experts today to try a demo of our software and see for yourself!