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How to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

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Fleet maintenance costs have been rising in the last couple of years, and it can be challenging for businesses to keep up. It can be even more complicated if you’re running a small fleet with minimal wiggle room. This doesn’t mean that you can let your fleet’s maintenance fall by the wayside. Preventative fleet maintenance is crucial in ensuring that your fleet maintains peak operations and avoids breakdowns that cost your business significant time and money. So how can you save money on fleet vehicle repair during times like these? Here are some helpful tips. 

No. 1: Install Fleet Tracking Software

You may wonder how fleet tracking software can help you save on maintenance costs. Well, tracking software doesn’t just tell you where your vehicles are. It also offers vital information about your drivers’ fuel use, idling, and even dangerous driving events that put wear and tear on your car, like hard cornering or harsh braking. Detecting patterns of this behavior can help you eliminate these habits with training and monitoring, so you can keep your vehicles in their best shape. 

No. 2: Use Route Optimization Software

Anytime your vehicle is on the road, it’s undergoing wear and tear. Keep your time on the road efficient by using route optimization software. Route optimization software helps you get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible, accounting for delays like weather, construction, and heavy traffic that might slow you down. It uses real-time data to accomplish this, giving you up-to-date, accurate information. 

No. 3: Replace Aging Vehicles

There comes the point when your vehicles begin costing more than they are worth to your fleet. This is when purchasing a new vehicle  may be cheaper than continually repairing the old one. Check out our article: When is the Best Time to Replace Fleet Vehicles? to learn more about when it is best to replace your vehicles and the steps to do so.

No. 4: Upgrade Your Parts

While part replacement may not immediately seem like a cost-saving effort because it does come with an upfront cost, it does save your fleet money in the long run because it keeps your vehicles from breaking down or suffering problems on the road. It decreases the frequency of costly repairs and can even make your vehicles more sustainable!

No. 5:  Implement Driver Scorecards

We mentioned earlier how driver behavior has an impact on the wear and tear that is inflicted on a vehicle. Therefore, it makes sense that holding drivers accountable for their behavior can positively affect a vehicle’s lifespan. A driver score is attributed to a driver based on their behavior as tracked by telematics. Fleet management software compiles the data and calculates a score. You can use these scores as a factor in raises, to give commendations, or even as part of a rewards program

Azuga Can Help You Save

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