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Why Your Pest Control Company Needs FSM Software

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Pest control can be chaotic, and the industry is no stranger to sudden spikes in activity, often depending on the season. It can be challenging to keep up with the varying needs of pest control fleets, especially if they have many vehicles. That’s where FSM software comes in. FSM software stands for field service management software, and it is a tool that has many features that make it easy to handle all aspects of fleet management for pest control companies. This article will discuss all of these features and how your pest control company can take advantage of them. 

Your Fleet is More Effective

Your job as a field service manager is to know everything going on in the field. With FSM software, you can assign and monitor jobs and work orders as they come in and your technicians complete them. Your software can even match technician skills with incoming jobs, ensuring that a technician has the right tools and skillset to complete the job at hand. After all, you don’t want a termite expert responding to a roach infestation. 

Furthermore, you can track all aspects of worker schedules, including worker time and dispatch jobs based on technician availability and location. You can even use route optimization software to create routes with multiple jobs along the way to maximize efficiency and save on fuel costs. While your pest control experts travel these routes, GPS trackers will automatically mark their status to keep you updated. When you have greater efficiency for both the home office and your field service technicians, you can get the job done faster, and your business is more effective overall. 

Your Fleet is More Organized

One of the purposes of FSM software is to keep you and your technicians organized. With GPS, you can keep track of all of your technicians’ locations. This helps you monitor current and pending jobs throughout the day. The CRM feature allows you to track employee performance and customer satisfaction as well. On your dashboard, you can even track inventory and order more supplies whenever you need them. Anything you need to know, your FSM software has the information. 

As for your technicians out in the field, they have the information they need as well. The FSM mobile software shows them their assigned jobs, allows them to track their time, and helps them communicate with their customers, all through their smartphones. All of this information is organized in one place, streamlining the data so everyone can access it whenever they need it. 

You Improve the Customer Experience

Customer service is one essential part of running any business, particularly a pest control company, where good service often leads to repeat business. One of the best features of FSM software is its ability to provide personalized and organized customer questions and disputes. With this software, you can easily let customers know when your technicians are on the way or running late. Your customers have busy schedules and will greatly appreciate these updates. Another benefit is that you can assign customers to technicians that they have worked with before to build off of the relationship they already have with your business. 

The FSM software system gives your technicians all of the information that they need regarding customers and the jobs that they’ve had. They can easily answer questions and check on the status of any jobs. Customers can pay on the phone, in person, or online, and they can even schedule recurring payments if they choose. 

The office has a whole CRM system that allows you to view customer and work order information at a glance or in greater detail, depending on what you need. This way, you can easily keep track of customer information and provide a more personalized experience for each customer. FSM software plays a huge role in customer retention, a crucial part of any pest control business. 

You Can Gather Business Insights

FSM software helps you gather information regarding your business like you’ve never been able to before. You can view detailed financial reports broken down by job or invoices for any period. The software also integrates with QuickBooks, so you can access your financial information at any time. It also ensures that the information in your reports is up to date and accurate. With accurate information, you have greater insight into your business. This helps you make important decisions for your business’s wellbeing and take action whenever you need. 

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