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Better Pest Control Fleet Driver Management with Fleet Tracking

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Having a pest control fleet means sending your drivers off to self-manage and take responsibility for their actions. Of course, you likely feel confident that you’ve hired capable and efficient workers, but the more employees you have under your umbrella, the harder it is to manage individual situations. So many businesses are turning to pest control GPS tracking as a solution. Companies like Environmental Pest Service out of Northern Virginia have turned to Azuga to track their drivers, so they feel secure knowing what’s happening on the road without micromanaging. Let’s discuss the features that Environmental Pest Control uses and how they have benefited the business. 

“Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing.”

  • Tommy Kellogg, Co-Founder, Environmental Pest Control

Tracking Features

When it comes to tracking your fleet, there are multiple factors to keep in mind. Of course, there is GPS tracking, which is what most people think of first. Azuga’s GPS tracking provides a live map showing you where your fleet is at all times. You can view information like job, driver, speed, location, and even weather information in real-time. This helps simplify dispatching, hold drivers accountable, and ensure they are where they should be throughout the day. 

However, GPS tracking isn’t the only type of tracking that Azuga provides. Driver behavior is an often overlooked aspect of fleet tracking, but pest control companies should certainly consider it, as it affects the safety and reputation of their businesses. Telematics can track behaviors like hard braking, rapid acceleration, harsh cornering, and other dangerous behaviors that put all drivers on the road at risk. These behaviors can cause accidents that cost your business money, and if other drivers on the road see them, it can hurt your business’s reputation in the community. 

Environmental Pest Control and Azuga

Environmental Pest Control’s Challenges

Tommy reached out to Azuga in 2017 with a couple of challenges. He wanted better accountability for his drivers, and his current solution was too costly with mediocre quality. His business sought a way to manage its drivers better and hold them accountable at a reasonable price. 


As Tommy’s statement earlier suggested, he now finds it far easier to track his drivers and get a picture of their locations on his live map. At a glimpse, he knows that everyone is where they are supposed to be and can quickly address problems as they arise. When it comes to tracking driver behavior, they have experienced massive declines in speeding, acceleration, and posted speed limit violations. This is all without utilizing Azuga’s complete set of features. As his business grows, he will use more features to manage his needs. 

Try Fleet Tracking Yourself!

If, like Environmental Pest Control, you are looking for an affordable tracking solution for your pest control company, Azuga is the solution for you. Meet with one of our experts to learn about our features and find a package that meets your business’s needs!