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A Guide for Operational Efficiency for Fleet Managers

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When you’re a fleet manager, your three top priorities are keeping your fleet safe, cost-effective, and productive. Improving productivity ensures that your fleet management operations run as smoothly as possible. Fleet management has so many moving parts; if one part falls out of place, it is easy for everything else to follow suit. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own anymore. Technology is here to support you in all aspects of fleet management if you know how to use it. Let’s discuss five technology solutions and techniques to boost your fleet’s operational efficiency. 

No. 1: Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is the first thing you need when you’re looking to improve your fleet’s productivity. It supports all aspects of fleet management, including safety, maintenance, and finances. You won’t have to spend your time dealing with tedious paperwork or manually gathering data; fleet management software does everything for you! Investing in quality fleet management software is a critical first step toward making your job easier and improving your fleet’s operations. 

No. 2: Telematics

Telematics works hand-in-hand with fleet management software to gather all the data you need on your fleet vehicles. You can get data on almost anything, including speed, location, fuel efficiency, HoS, maintenance requirements, and more. Telematics is critical in various fleet technology solutions such as maintenance alerts and route optimization. Furthermore, the data you collect allows you to make more informed decisions that will help your fleet. 

No. 3: Fleet Data

Once you start using telematics, you will have a lot of data on your hands. All of this information can be overwhelming if you don’t have a way to organize and digest it. Fleet management software makes this process easier by summarizing the data you collect into easy-to-read reports. You can gather reports that answer questions such as how much fuel you’re using, what you’re spending on vehicle maintenance, how safely your drivers are operating their vehicles, and more. If there isn’t a report to answer your question, you can request a custom report to get the necessary information. These reports further support you in making the informed decisions you need to boost your fleet’s productivity. 

No. 4: Maintenance Alerts

Unfortunately, maintenance often falls by the wayside when fleets are on the go. Maintenance problems only come to the forefront when a part breaks or a breakdown occurs. However, preventative maintenance is essential to keep your fleet productive and on the road. When you consistently maintain your vehicles, they last longer, and you reduce the time they spend in the repair shop. Plus, you keep your drivers safer when they don’t have to worry about mechanical malfunctions on the road. Maintenance alerts track your vehicles’ needs and tell you when they need repair, so you can act immediately before the problem worsens. 

No. 5: Mobile App

You’ve surely noticed that everything has an app these days, from your favorite restaurant to the games you play. However, apps aren’t just for fun. A fleet tracking app can significantly boost your fleet’s productivity by enhancing communication between yourself and your team members. With a mobile app, drivers don’t have to check in with you to see what their schedules look like or leave you notes on a delivery; they can do everything right from their phones. Even tasks like inspections can be completed through a mobile app, making it far easier than tracking down a lot of paperwork. If your fleet isn’t using a mobile app, you’re missing out. 

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