Old Myths and New Changes in the GPS Fleet Tracking Industry

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Myths are actually unclear impressions. Over time, you recall something as having been very huge, too far away or something.

Once in awhile, when we revisit them, we revise our belief and discover something really useful. So it is with GPS Fleet Tracking Systems which have been around for almost a quarter of a century.

Every company that runs on wheels need GPS fleet management to stay competitive. In this blog, we will revisit some of the happenings in the GPS Tracking space.

Myth #1: GPS fleet tracking is used to punish, and not reward.

It took a few years during the technology’s introduction for it to be understood and accepted. The limits to both privacy and tracking have been defined since.

According to Haskel D. Harrison, research associate professor at the University of Memphis,  his study on conditions that influence truck driver turnover and retention shows the most widespread driver concerns as: a lack of communication, a lack of respect for drivers and drivers feeling unvalued; requirements to be away from home for long periods of time; insecurity toward top-management; and pay and benefit issues.

Fleet tracking solutions improve driver safety a lot and have brought about greater HOS compliance which lowers risk for the driver and the fleet. As for the prestige and recognition needs, this is where Driver Rewards programs bring in some excitement.

Gamification, which is the basis of the pioneering Azuga Quarterly Driver Awards in the fleet industry, motivates workers to participate in the safety program by making smart driving a fun and competitive aspect of company culture and a key part of how team members interact. Gamification makes driving better more attractive for your team because it feeds on the innate enjoyment of playing, competing and winning. And there’s plenty of evidence on rewards, motivation and neuroscience.

A comprehensive GPS fleet tracking solution is designed to motivate and incentivize both fleet managers and drivers towards safer, more efficient driving.

Myth #2: Tracking means distrust!

Of course, you trust your employees! And a GPS fleet tracking solution is not meant to “babysit” or police the behaviors of drivers and it it was never intended to monitor your employees’ every little move.

It is geared primarily to improve driver safety and reduce vehicle operating cost. It protects both your drivers and vehicles and will bring down your insurance cost as your fleet’s safety scores move up.

The new ELD mandate coming into effect in Dec.2017 also safeguards the interests of the driver by specifying how the data from the fleet tracking device can be used, and what it can’t be used for.

Myth #3: It’s an investment and it is expensive.

It is proven that the Return on Investment (ROI) for users of GPS tracking services ranges at 1:10 on an average for most of the fleets. You can start tracking your vehicles as low as 80 cents per day per vehicle per. It simply pays for itself.

Over the decade, fleet tracking solutions have become increasingly affordable while sophisticated features have got added. And prices keep falling. Azuga believes that we are on the road to $0.

Myth# 4: Complicated to install and complicated to use.

Yes, it was a decade ago. If you’re stuck in long $35+ punishing contracts, time to revisit who you are with and what’s out there!

With new plug and play, anyone can get started in a minute. Unlike Plain Old GPS Systems (POGS), these extract rich data from the and you could be get more utilization from your fleet with information on batery health, diagnostic trouble codes and new smarts on scheduled.

Myth #5: GPS fleet tracking solutions are only for the big guys.

No business is too small for GPS vehicle tracking. If you depend on your vehicles to get most of your business done, you need to know where they are now, where they’ve been and what they’re doing. Whether you are a business managing a few service technicians or a fleet of hundreds, you will benefit from these next-generation GPS tracking solutions.

We hope we’ve helped clear up some of those myths and explained some of the new things happening in the space. If you’d like to learn more, Azuga can arrange a  one-on-one 15-min personalized demo to explain this further.