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Must Have Features for Vehicle Maintenance Log Software

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When searching for your vehicle maintenance log software, you need to ensure that you have all the best features. After all, vehicle maintenance is one of the most instrumental parts of fleet maintenance. Without it, your fleet’s safety is compromised. Not only that, but your fleet loses money due to vehicle breakdowns and unnecessary significant repairs. Fleet maintenance is a top priority for any sized fleet, especially those with older vehicles. Let’s discuss the importance of fleet maintenance and what features your vehicle maintenance log software should have. 

Why is Fleet Maintenance Important? 

  • Safety: As mentioned, a well-maintained fleet is a safer fleet. Fleet safety is crucial for fleets of all sizes in all industries. If vehicles have failures on the road, they can cause accidents that put your drivers and everyone else on the road in danger. 
  • Productivity: When your vehicles are broken down or in for extensive repairs, they aren’t working for you. Your drivers are sitting on the sidelines, unable to work, wasting time and money that you could spend making your business better. 
  • Compliance: Federal, local, and state laws require a certain degree of quality for your fleet vehicles. If you want to pass every inspection with flying colors, you’ll need to be sure that your vehicles are regularly maintained. 
  • Lower Costs: The more preventative maintenance you partake in, the cheaper your maintenance costs will be. This is because there will be fewer major repairs that you will have to make to your vehicles. You will also spend less on fuel. 
  • Driver Retention: Drivers are happier in their jobs when they have better vehicles to drive. If you keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and they don’t regularly have to deal with frustrating maintenance issues, they’re more likely to stick around. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: When your vehicles are well maintained, you can get your jobs done faster and more efficiently. This improves your business’s customer satisfaction. 

What are the Features to Look for in Maintenance Software?

Comprehensive Dashboard

If you can’t view all of your vehicles at an easy glance, things get too convoluted and frustrating to use. It’s much easier when you can see the information you need right on one screen, and that’s what a maintenance dashboard should provide you. You can see what vehicles require immediate attention and what vehicles are overdue for their routine maintenance. 

Vehicle Maintenance Entries and History

Keeping a log of your vehicles’ maintenance history is instrumental to ensuring that your vehicles are working well for you. For example, if you are replacing the same part on a vehicle over and over, being able to view that vehicle’s history will tell you so you can perhaps replace that vehicle or see if there’s a driver behavior issue. A simple log of your vehicles’ service history goes a long way in having a functioning fleet. 

Alerts and Reminders 

When you have so many vehicles, it’s impossible to keep up with all of them manually. That’s why alerts and reminders help you keep up on what vehicles need maintenance when, so a vehicle never goes without its necessary support. Many fleets use maintenance alerts to their advantage, and you’re missing out if your vehicles are left in disrepair because maintenance deadlines are coming and going without action. 

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