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Why Reminders Help with Fleet Vehicle Performance

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Your fleet runs like a machine, and your job is to make sure that all of its gears are well oiled and well maintained. That means every part of it, including its vehicles, are cared for well. For optimal fleet performance, you must track fleet maintenance very closely. However, the more vehicles you have, the harder this becomes. That’s why Azuga has created scheduled maintenance alerts to make fleet performance monitoring easier and more accessible. Fleets all over the country are taking advantage of Azuga’s maintenance alerts, including HomeWorks Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Let’s learn about what Azuga’s scheduled maintenance alerts can do and how they’ve benefitted HomeWorks. 

“Azuga’s reminders have been a game changer. We are now much more proactive than reactive when it comes to our vehicle performance, such as oil changes and battery deterioration.”

What Is Azuga’s Scheduled Maintenance?

If you’re still using paper and pen to track your vehicles’ maintenance needs, you’re surely missing out on critical vehicle problems or advantages you could be using. Azuga’s scheduled maintenance alerts help you avoid losses, save fuel, increase safety, and lower maintenance costs. It does so with three main features. 

  • Maintenance Dashboard: The maintenance dashboard provides you a quick snapshot of your vehicles that require immediate attention and those that have already passed their due date. Reactive maintenance is a thing of the past. You’ll always be ahead of the game when you check your maintenance dashboard. 
  • Service Entries and History: Keeping track of the work done on your fleet can be exhausting if you’re trying to do so manually. Fortunately, Azuga does it for you with our service entries and history section. You can scan and upload receipts, and the system will tell you what you’re spending on parts and labor. 
  • Alerts and Reminders: This feature really helps you stay ahead. You’ll get alerts when service is due, when vehicles need oil changes, for engine hours, mileage, and any other preventative service. There’s no need to go it alone; Azuga is here to help you keep up with your vehicles’ needs. 

What Are The Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance? 

Scheduled maintenance helps your fleet promote preventative maintenance, which has various benefits for your fleet. We will go over these benefits in detail here. 

  • Better Fleet Safety: You can lower your risk for collisions when you properly maintain mechanical systems. 
  • Increase Reliability: You lose productivity when your vehicles break down. Prevent breakdowns in the first place with scheduled maintenance. 
  • Lower Fuel Costs: Tire pressure can improve your gas mileage significantly. Maintenance alerts can tell you when to fill up your tires. 
  • Driver Satisfaction: Your drivers are the lifeblood of your business. Keep them happy with safe, reliable vehicles. 

HomeWorks’s Experience

HomeWorks used Azuga’s scheduled maintenance to set notifications for all kinds of routine tasks for her fleet. This led to a remarkable 80% reduction in wear and tear in her vehicles. Because their fleet vehicles are now in such good shape, they’ve optimized their use to get more out of them. Now, she can easily capture costs and timing and set a schedule for routine maintenance needs when it’s most convenient for her business. Her fleet has also significantly reduced its Diagnostic Trouble Code events, down to 5.36% from 22.7% of vehicles. This decrease also suggests that vehicle maintenance has improved overall. 

Improve Your Vehicle Maintenance Today

It’s never too early to start prioritizing safety and start saving money. Vehicle maintenance is critical for your fleet’s overall well-being. Azuga will work with you to meet your maintenance goals, along with any other goals you may have for your fleet with our various technology solutions. Learn more about what we can do together by scheduling a demo with one of our representatives.