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Landscaping Fleet Tracking: Benefits of GPS Software

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The landscaping industry is not only highly competitive, but changes with the seasons and requires excellent maneuvering to get everything perfect. GPS tracking is absolutely necessary to ensure that landscaping fleets can succeed in their areas. Landscaping fleet tracking is not only critical for fleet vehicles but for assets that help keep the business running. It is also crucial for tracking fuel consumption and dispatching day-to-day. EarthTech Landscape reached out to Azuga to get more out of fleet tracking for the right price for their business. This article will discuss how Azuga and EarthTech partnered to meet EarthTech’s fleet tracking needs. 

“Every time we looked at it we were faced with expensive hardware and software costs, inaccurate data on idling and fuel consumption, painful installation scheduling, and lengthy contracts. Azuga made it a no-brainer.”

  • Stephen James, Operations Manager at EarthTech Landscaping

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • Simplified Dispatching: Fleet tracking maps out your vehicles, letting you know who to dispatch, where to send them, and how many vehicles you need for the routes that you have. You can easily review routes and create schedules from your fleet management dashboard. You’ll no longer have to scramble and call drivers when you need to change routes or make updates. They can view everything they need from their mobile app. 
  • Reduced Fuel Use: Route optimization software helps you reduce fuel use by employing machine learning and algorithms to create the most fuel-efficient path to your destinations throughout the day. You can also track driver behavior such as idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration. Your software can alert you when these behaviors occur to prevent them from happening again. 
  • Less Theft: Geofencing helps you prevent vehicle theft by letting you set up a perimeter around a specific location. When one of your vehicles crosses this perimeter, you’ll get an alert. This means you’ll immediately know when a thief strikes so you can alert the authorities. 
  • Improved Maintenance: Telematics helps you improve maintenance by tracking vehicle health factors like engine needs and tire pressure. You’ll know precisely when these issues crop up and be able to address them as soon as possible. 

Azuga and EarthTech Landscaping

EarthTech Landscaping’s Challenges

Earthtech wanted knowledge of rolling assets and verification of which crew members were on their sites. They also wanted to reduce breakdowns on the road and disruptions to their schedule. Other aspects they wanted to monitor included crew overtime, driver behavior such as speeding and hard braking, and “proof-of-service” in real-time. 

How EarthTech Used Fleet Tracking

Azuga’s OBD-II GPS technology helped Earthtech see everything about their drivers and vehicles. This information is measured, accurate, and specific, giving their managers a “data snapshot” of driver behavior so they know what’s happening on the road. 

EarthTech’s Results

Earthtech met its goal of cutting unnecessary overtime almost immediately, within days. Their overtime is down by two hours per week per crew member. Their crews are more productive and spend more time on-site, leading to higher customer satisfaction and quality work. They’ve even reduced their fuel usage and saved money overall. 

See Results for Yourself!

If you want results similar to those achieved by EarthTech Landscaping, it’s easy if you partner with Azuga. We’ll work together to determine your fleet’s exact needs and find a solution that addresses those needs directly. Schedule a demo with one of our experts and find out what we can do together.