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JW Flooring : When Results Floor a Customer

November 30, 2017

JW Floor Covering, Inc. is in its fourth decade of operations. With nearly 300 employees, JW is the largest full-service flooring company in San Diego County and operates from its own 22,000 sq. ft headquarters in San Diego, CA. JW also has additional facilities in Temecula, Elk Grove, Orange County, Los Angeles and Las Vegas; and is licensed in California, Nevada, and Utah.

JW has built a strong team culture through a company wide wellness program, employee training, and other team building activities. JW is a proud recipient of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2008, 2010, and 2012.

JW Floors chose to implement Azuga’s Fleet Telematics solution in August 2016

The intent was to improve driver behavior and identify their most productive drivers. While JW realized the operational benefits associated with GPS Fleet Tracking, the real breakthrough could be seen in the findings on driver safety in their fleet from Azuga’s data science team. The numbers show a marked decline in unsafe driving behaviors (speeding events, hard braking, excessive idling) over the six months following the implementation of Azuga’s Fleet Management solution.

Significant decline in unsafe driving behavior

These statistics have a direct bearing on fleet safety, vehicle wear and tear, fuel consumption, and environmental impact. Small changes in driver behavior produce significant contributions to ROI (Return on Investment).

The driver rewards program is awesome. When we first started it, we had a lot of our drivers in the red, and now we don’t have any drivers in the red. These guys are really fighting for the position of number-one driver of the company. We’ve seen the improvement results in driving habits. We know who’s driving is good, and who’s is getting worse and raising our costs and risk of accidents.

David White, Fleet Manager, JW Floor Covering, San Diego CA.

Azuga is a Top 5 fleet management solution provider.

Customers, past and current, have voted Azuga into the Top 5 fleet management solution providers in 2017, in the Reviewers Choice announced by Software Advice, a Gartner Group company. Azuga is helping our customers turn data about vehicles and their use into intelligence that improves operations and safety while reducing costs and risk. It has a reliable end-to-end solution that encompasses hardware, the Azuga One platform, SaaS applications, support, and data analytics.