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Industries You Wouldn't Expect to Find Fleet Management Software

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When you think of fleet management software, you’re most likely thinking of large trucking fleets or expansive delivery fleets. These are the large fleets that you know would benefit from fleet management software. But this software isn’t just for companies with large trucks and long routes. The fleet management industry helps fleets across the board with managing their vehicles, drivers, and assets. This article will outline some sectors where you may not expect to find fleet management software. Perhaps you’ll find your own industry on this list. 

Local Delivery

Fleet management software isn’t just for expansive delivery fleets transporting goods across the country. It’s also for smaller, local delivery fleets who hope to improve their operations. Local delivery fleets benefit from a variety of features, including the following: 

  • Dispatch Management: Managers can easily dispatch drivers based on their availability and hours worked. Without fleet management software, it can be challenging to determine who to send on each route, but the software makes it easy by providing detailed information on each route and driver. 
  • Route Optimization: Route optimization helps drivers get between destinations with ease. It uses machine learning and algorithms to eliminate delays due to traffic, inefficient routes, and road closures. With route optimization, deliveries will always be on time. 
  • Safety Features: Safety is a top priority for any fleet, and fleet management software uses telematics to track unsafe driving behaviors and alert managers to take action. Fleet drivers who feel safe are more likely to be happy at their jobs, and fleets with safe drivers have better reputations in their communities. 

Pest Control 

When you think of fleets, you may not think of pest control companies, but they often use fleet management software to stay efficient. Customers often aren’t happy waiting hours for a pest control technician to show up, but with fleet management software, they can receive alerts when the driver is close so they can plan their day accordingly. Fleet management software helps significantly with customer satisfaction by ensuring drivers always show up on time. GPS tracking is particularly useful to this industry as it improves their reputation and keeps their customers happy. 


Plumbing fleets are similar to pest control fleets: expert technicians traveling locally to customers’ homes. Just like pest control fleets, plumbing fleets benefit from GPS fleet tracking. They also benefit significantly from dispatching tools. Different plumbers have different equipment and expertise, and you never want to send the wrong plumber for the job. With dispatching tools, managers can view each plumber’s equipment and expertise to ensure they send the right person. This improves customer service and ensures jobs are done quickly and efficiently. Fleet tracking is a top tool for plumbing fleets to operate as seamlessly as possible. 


The construction industry may be one of the more surprising items on this list. When you think of construction, you don’t often think of all the traveling between job sites with various equipment. They are another industry that benefits significantly from dispatching tools. Dispatching tools ensure that the right equipment goes to the right job site. Fleet tracking also ensures that that equipment is being optimized, and if not, it can be reallocated. Fleet tracking and asset tracking keep construction equipment safe from improper use and thieves looking to make a buck. These tools are instrumental in keeping a construction fleet running smoothly and efficiently. 

Waste Management

Waste management fleets are another industry that benefits from all of these features. For example, route optimization helps ensure that fleets can complete their routes promptly. It also tells the manager how many drivers and vehicles they need to complete their routes on time. Waste management fleets need to ensure that they can complete every stop on their routes, or it can be bad news for the people they serve. That’s why waste management fleets use route optimization to ensure everything runs smoothly. 


Fleet management software can be used for any type of fleet imaginable. If your business is in one of these industries, fleet management software may be the solution you’re looking for to all of your challenges. Reach out to Azuga today and learn more about fleet management software and how it can improve your fleet.